Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It was a very Merry Christmas

It's 6.45am Boxing Day, and the sun is already burning down, at least we have a breeze. We had a wonderful Christmas Day, everything was prepared the day before, how odd I'm getting more organised as I get older. I went to 8am Mass, it was drizzling but oh so humid, I went to the church we got married in, it is a Pro Cathedral now, did you know that "Come all ye Faithfully has at least 7 verses, I do, I thought it wouldn't stop, brilliant organist, lousy singers, where's Gareth when you need him.
I thought I would faint, luckily didn't, all I could think about was my friend MM, who fainted going up to Communion, and  knocked out her two front teeth, her daughter very thoughtfully stepped over her, got communion and returned to her seat, while churchgoers helped her mother, it's how we bring them up, I think.
Tom came home, and we opened our presents, Basil asleep of course, I must have been nice, (I hadn't noticed), because I got lovely gifts, including Hugh's "Three good things", love Hugh and his crew, so I was very happy.
I gave Aj Skip Bo, so we had a game, he said "Why did we stop playing this game, I know, I absolutely thrashed you every time", see it's this sort of comment which really hurts and unfortunately means I have to put up his board by $50.00.
Aj is anxious to spend his vouchers with the Boxing Day hordes, they are so reminiscent of Attila and his Huns sweeping in to plunder, (not pillage you understand, not at a mall) but every thing will be stripped bare by 6pm. I just realized the term strip mall might come from the BD sales.
Tom returns this weekend, so glad he's coming home, his health is terrible, living in condemned building will do that, being 21 year old male doesn't help either. Yes, those of you who follow this serial, will know that means goodbye to my sewing room. I have 4 days to find a new place for everything, you can stop laughing now...............I have no idea, any solutions gratefully accepted, answers to this dilemma on the back of postcard please, and no I'm not asking Aj to move out, Tom doesn't play Skip Bo.
Off to see my nephew and new baby this afternoon, looking forward to that though, I have to drive to the "wilds" of Kaiapoi, up the motorway, laugh if you must, but my Alto isn't the fastest and sad men in 4 wheel drives think they own the road. Hope you had a lovely day, we did, as MM said it's the little things that are the best, we both had new potatoes out of our own gardens for Christmas lunch, how good was that. Have a great holiday, I have lots of projects for the holidays, all good in theory, but we shall see about the practice. Aunt Bee.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

No photos in this post, but the mystery is solved. I tried to download some photos on the new laptop, still typing with two fingers, when Sherlock aka Aj said "oh that's not good, its coming up fat", what!!! well the card in the camera was his gaming card, what!!!, that's me saying what!!!.I did not do this but it explains the problem trying to download. So I need to get a new memory card. So it's good to know.
Went out for to buy a leg of Lamb for dinner, it's cooking as I type, new potatoes and salad,(sorry about giving you the whole menu) when we saw that an old "destroyed in the earthquakes pub" had reopened not far from us, it would have been rude not to go in, we sat outside and Basil enjoyed a Kilkenny and me a lemonade, no a real lemonade, I was driving. We had some prawns for nibbles, lovely, such a gorgeous day.
Work "do" on Thursday night, solo of course,as Baz was working, it was dinner and a show, Downton shabby, two guys playing 6 parts ha,ha, very funny till the "maid" yells at you" leave me alone you leso," so my new nickname is Les, oh great.
The new oven is wonderful but very fast, I have to be very alert and my not inconsiderable nose must be sniffing the air for burning. The dishwasher is so good, by hands are returning to their former glory, no that's a lie I have the hands of peasant. Sorry not a peasant, a hard worker.
Went to the market, picked up some books, including some old Beatrix Potters, a poetry book, GM Hopkins,and a David Bladacci, a large charger, very old, with a 
Christmas theme, some yellow roses, and some plants or the garden, didn't even spend $20.00. I love the market and I have missed it.
The best news this week is I am once again a great aunt, my other nephew and his partner had a son.Dad is thrilled his second great grandchild, my brother is over the moon, a grandfather at 64, we are slow breeders, it's the quality we go for, as my two are the youngest grandchildren I have told them I'm not in a hurry to be a grandmother.
I don't usually comment on news, but the events in Sandy Hook are horrendous, what can we do so far away but pray and send our thoughts to the families of all the victims.
Love Bee.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The two fingered typist.

Hello, greetings from my new lap thingy, so not used to it I am typing this with two fingers. It has windows 8, wow, not sure what it means in terms of my usage but itt's new.
Very busy few weeks, changing banks etc, buying a new oven not arrived yet and new dishwasher arriving Monday. We haven't had a working oven for yonks,and there was no way I was cooking Christmas lunch on the bbq or bench oven........madness, the dishwasher has been missed and I for one need it,so it's a early Christmas present.
Not much fair or market going, the "Contessa" and YT came down 2 weeks ago ,Chris, Contessa and I went out for lunch...............took a small break then get mince pies out of the wee oven, delicious even if I do say so myself. Lovely hot day and I'm making mince pies.
Last weekend I had the dreaded noro virus, spent the weekend on the couch, I wont go into details, but it was a weekend to forget.
This week is the start of the parties, have 2 this week, not feeling the Christmas spirit yet, too much to think about.
Photos will take time to do, not having much luck at the moment, be goog for now, this two finger typing is a pain. Love Aunt Bee.
Vera is on tonight, what a brilliant programme.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy, being busy.

I have been so busy lately, I apologise now for lack of photos, but Aj and the camera are not co-operating. First it has been a long weekend and this is Sunday night. Friday was the holiday, Show day and the day we celebrate our Province of Canterbury. Prince Charles and Camilla were here and went to the CBD, the Show and well received they were too. Except for the strange foreign man who wanted to protest by throwing manure over them. 
So the week before I went to the Rudolf Steiner school fair, and I was impressed the school is small and very "organic" if you know what I mean but people were wonderful, the whole fair was great. I bought 4 tops, I must say the second hand clothes were amazing, very hippy, greeny, and very good quality, I was down to my last few dollars so was constrained by my straitened purse. 
I won a raffle at the other school fair I went to on the Sunday, it was the boys old school. They rang at 4pm to say I had won a raffle,and could I pick it up then, and so I went straight away, (was secretly hoping for the wheelbarrow full of groceries), but I had won a hamper of groceries. I said at work, how wonderful, I never win anything and they reminded me I won a raffle at the last quiz we went too, picky bunch.
Saturday I had brunch with Tom's friend you know the one I'm not to say is his girlfriend, Miss J, we had a lovely time at Crisp, eating eggs Benedict, so yummy. Tom joined us later, she is such a sweetie, she gave me Jane Brocket's Cherry cake and ginger beer. Lovely girl works in the University Book shop, the job of my dreams. Still no sign of a job, signs of sorry you weren't successful letters though, at least they replied, heaps don't. I can see how people get so down and depressed at not finding work.
 Met my brother at the P.O. shop last week, strange you might think, but he works nights and we don't see much of each other, I went in to the shop, we both get our magazines there, we found out this by accident a few months ago, the shop owners think we are magazine addicts and we are, they should thank-God we are, I'm sure we keep them in business. It's Mums fault she always  got  the EWW for herself, and the Judy and School friend for us girls, later the Fab 208, and the Beano for the boys. We did have a semi British childhood, in some ways, anyway that's the reason or excuse I have for our magazine mania, Sean has been buying The Field and I have been getting the EWW, plus all our other favourites. I bought Mollie M and Making. Just received Mollie Makes Christmas from The Book Depository, Miss J introduced to this wonderful place, it is so cheap and fast, I have 2 Patricia Wentworths on order. 
 So that's life at the moment, Aj has a full-time work at ITM for the holidays, results not out from Uni yet, Tom is contemplating his future or more likely his navel, and has made no real decision. We will be moving banks on Friday, this will put more than $300.00 in to the budget per month. That will be used for getting our debt down, so next year will hopefully be a time of consolidation, and saving, I have already signed up for the sealed tin challenge 2013. 
Love and hugs to all, I believe in the power of hugs, got lots this weekend and most were unsolicited, ha Aj and Tom love their mum and so they should. Aunt Bee.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Catching up the news

I was stunned to see I haven't posted for a month. After much doubt, worry and debate, I let my boss know I was looking for another job. I have been in this field for 29 years and I felt for ages it was time for a change, the clients are getting younger, I'm getting older and my heart isn't in it any more. 
When I started it was at a large institution outside of the city, I was employed to relieve the students who has to go to the North Island for their 6 months training, I was then offered a position as a student and did my 3 year training.  I loved it, although anyone who has worked in a large institution will  know it has drawbacks.
In case your wondering I worked in a Hospital then it changed it's name to Centre, a place for people who had a intellectual disability, I was there 13 years and when the place was deinstitutionlized and I was employed in a charitable trust set  by my boss and his wife. I have been  there for 15 years, but I think it's time to find a job I can be happy in, I know it's me that needs to go, my mum's death earlier this year, and my dad's now terminal cancer makes me feel time for a change. The clients "my old darlings", I will miss, but the newer younger clients need young male staff, more active and more authorative than a older female. Please note in my almost 30 years I can tell you true one fact, a male always has more sway and authority than a female. It's just the way it is.
I told my boss I was looking for a job because I want to leave without  all the subterfuge, that often happens when someone leaves a job, plus the fact I need a good reference.

Alas looking for a job has proved fruitless at the moment, if I had a trade I'd be fine, why didn't I become a plumber, paper hanger or painter. But I decided to take a step to getting a qualification in Library and Information Studies. Of course money is going to be an issue, so we are sitting down this afternoon to sort out a very tight budget.

If your reading this I apologize for the personal post, but it has been the only thing on my mind for weeks.
On a good note, Tom had his last exam yesterday, oh the relief, met a lady at a church fair yesterday, who's children went to school with mine, who said I hear Tom's studying to be a priest." God forbid", I said, "he's just finished Uni and thinking of the Army".  I haven't told him yet, he will be very surprised that such a rumour is about.
Aj has one more week of a three week section at a local school, and then he's finished for the year, he is very apprehensive about his results, there lies a tale, but ITM have said they need him full-time for the holidays, that's four months of holidays. He has been taking some classes and loving it, he is doing all the classes next week, if that doesn't scare him off nothing will.
So I have been thrifting at fairs and markets, Aj will help download the photos later, camera still a pain. I allow myself $20.00 and really enjoy having a good fossick around, bought some lovely 70,s sheets yesterday, "like new they are" one old biddy (could be talking about myself) said and they debated the price, "yes they are nice, I'm sure they have never been on a bed" said the other. "They'll be more expensive,how about $2.00 for the two". Now that makes me happy, if not a little guilty.
Sorry for such a rambling post, but I feel much better having told someone or indeed no-one, whichever it maybe. I am being as positive as I can be, I will find a job, my brain will cope with study, Dad is having all the best care in the world, my sister will somehow cope with it all,( she lives in the same city as Dad) while we are all in the South Island and we all will go on as every family does, I am grateful for Basil he is my rock, always supportive and unusually for him positive (he is more a pessimist,  he blames his job, he works for the Corrections Dept.) I blame his Scottish roots. Don't tell him I said that. Love Bee.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photos at last or last photos

garage roof, insurance will cover the cost
the sky before the storm
why didn't we put the cars away, there is no answer to that
Good afternoon, I sit here by the big window, looking out on pure sunshine, but still in vest, T.shirt and fluffy slippers. the weather is improving and I shall go out shortly and plant the 3 geraniums and 1 Christmas lily I bought yesterday. Now if there are to be photos they will be totally unconnected to this post. Aj has worked his computer magic and he got the photos up, down whatever loaded where they are I'm not sure, but here goes.
I found a wonderful shop, yesterday The Vintage Elephant, gorgeous stuff, a mixture of real and new vintage stuff, I couldn't help buy a few little things, some modern vintage Snap cards, some scraps, have no idea what I'll do with them, and some clown stickers ( I know I hate clowns, but their for Aj) a card with cats on, could have spent heaps but used up my allowance. There wasn't much left after the plants and wool I bought, but $20.00 can go along way if your frugal. Never thought I would say that. I haven't dared take any photos as I have no idea what Aj did to get them off the camera. 
We, the work gang went to a quiz night, we haven't been to many since the you know whats's (there was a 4.2 on Friday, which was nothing but it was a reminder). The quiz was at a school that some of the gang have a connection too, it was really great, the best questions in years and I say that even though we came joint 3rd, and I won a raffle this is news I never win anything. It was pick your prize and I was called early, grabbed a bag containing, tins of fruit, beans etc, honey, ginger kisses, yum, a sweet and sour sauce and various other stuff. I was thrilled, it's a sign of the times, free groceries make my day. Love Aunt Bee.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Excuses, excuses and a small fire.

Sorry, I have been trying to fix my camera, to no avail, alas. I would go buy a new one but life is a bit strained at the moment. Unfortunately my Dad is very ill, this is very stressful for all concerned so soon after my mum's death, he is battling on with the support of the Contessa and the Yorkshire Terrier. I am always making a large life change at this time, my timing is so sweet isn't it, and Aj is questioning his ability to be a good student teacher. Tom is about finished his degree and is wondering if a job in the supermarket is his only recourse, we told him for now it's fine, searching for the real job may take time. Then a parcel I posted to a fellow blogger in the land of OZ was returned a little worse for wear, note to self, write address in  permanent marker or it will smear and only find it's way back to you by pure luck.  Sorry Marina, it's on it's way with a new clearly written address. 
On the good side I have been crafting away, now the weather is warmer I am enjoying my room. Picked up Mollie Makes, Making (love this mag) and the second book hand shop had some old Anna craft mags, so I indulged, and,( so many and's, forgive me)  a whole pile of Georgette Heyers, Contessa and I both loved these books and I am determinded to acquire the lot. Ha,ha I am truly an obsessed person.
The Contessa sent me 4 cook books, Delia, Angela Harnet!!!!, sorry for any incorrect spelling, and Darina Allen not forgetting a Malouff cook book, again sorry if the spelling is ropey, to be honest spelling like maths isn't a strong suit. So I have been attempting new dishes all week, and except for the unfortunate incident of the saucepan, the potato pot and the small fire, me and the men are pleased with the results. The saucepan is in the garden, but the smell lingers on.........curses, how much spray does it take to neutralise the aroma of burnt saucepan handle? Answer on the back of a postcard please. Love to all Aunt Bee.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have attempted to post before, but I can't download any photo's from my camera, it's driving me nuts as I have so many things to show. I have been busy of late, so here goes, I have found two cute mugs (now here's were you need a good imagination) one a Russian doll and the other pretty butterflies and flowers from Spotlight. I found a lovely Royal Dalton fruity one and a cute strawberry dish at the market. 
We have, o.k. Basil has been doing sterling work in the garden, dahlias, white currents, potatoes, another rhubarb and numerous Hebe's have been planted and I bought 2 peonies this morning.
 The weather has been fabulous, really, between 18 and 22 most days this week, it really feels like Spring, but on Tuesday night we had the most amazing storm, so amazing was it our cars were outside and we couldn't put them away till the lightening stopped it was actually falling between the next door house and ours. The hail damaged the roof of my car and has shredded the roof of the garage, it was incredible but terrifying.
I went to the Craft Fair this morning, which I don't usually go to, but I did enjoy it, well I spent money, bought 3 pairs of wonderful knickers, some delicious soap, and some roasted seeds. As I was leaving a woman said where did you get that lovely fabric from..........argh it's undies I bought not actual fabric I said.............she was  embarrassed and I was wondering why I was discussing me new undies in public. I was very happy to leave before the gale forces winds hit, as this year it was in 2 very large tents. 
The match between AB and the Pumas has been halted due to loss of power, the weather is horrendous up there, just reminded me how freezing it was watching Aj play rugby, I miss those days.
Tom talked of coming home, yes the mere mention of that and the losing of my sewing room made me point out his non relationship relationship might suffer if he was to bring his non girlfriend home. He is staying at the flat for the time being..........yes Mother wins that battle.
I think I might have to buy a new camera, I can't be without a camera, it is in my bag everyday..........the joys of being a blogger.
Love Aunt Bee.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back with a vengence...........or just back.

There is a hint of Spring in the air.
I have been missing in a cloud of malaise for the last few weeks, I have felt rubbish to be honest not in a"sick way" but in a "I've got nothing to say or share because I'm a totally boring woman way". Apparently this is now a major condition in Christchurch, according to a university lecturer we are all suffering from earthquake burnout, so I'm not alone. 
Enough of this, I have been out and about,  on Saturdays and have found some treasures..........no photos yet, so use your imagination, lots of books, some "jolly hockey sticks", I really love them, some Georgette Heyer, loved them when a teenager, now collecting them, I never read her crime novels though and have found 2 which are really good. Found a few dishes and kitchen essentials...........have a thing for sieves at the moment. Please tell I'm not weird and you also have strange obsessions. Spring is just around the corner there is blossom, there are birds singing their lungs out at 4am and there is that subtle but growing warmth in the day and more importantly in the soil, we have been planting the garden with lots of new plants and readying the vege patch. I have planted a lovely rhubarb crown and am hoping for lots of lovely rhubarb, along with black and white currants. The herb garden is looking good, and the chives and garlic chives have gone mad in all the rain we have had. It has rained in Noah like quantities last week and this week, took ages to get to work as the rain causes so much flooding and tears up the roads, even more than the road works.On a brighter note Basil is 61 tomorrow and we are going out to dinner with the "men" and Tom's girlfriend. who we haven't met before.............yikes what will I wear. Aj is stressing as usual with his teacher studies, strange system, they don't teach them what they are expected to put into practise in a real school situation. On consideration it probably explains the whole NZ education system. So that's it I'm hopefully back in the groove and shall take photos of my nick nacks and finds and put them in a blog soon. Note to self not everything is lovely or good, must look up a thesaurus for new adjectives. Thank-you for reading this long meandering post, but I feel semi back to normal. Aunt Bee.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sorry, blogger just puts photos where it thinks they should go, these little plates  are turning into an obsession.
I went to a new market yesterday, the Craft Connexion (I think that's how they spell it) had a market at the CPIT building, this involved much circling in the car till I found it, and it was excellent. Lovely to see lots of young ladies begin so creative, lots of bunting, earrings, pendants, fabric some retro clothing etc there, very busy and the sun streamed through the big wall of windows. I had to do my bit, very tight reins on the purse strings though, oddly I did buy a purse.
coin purse
2 fat quarters the green is a apple green, very fresh and pretty
cute magnets

It was like walking into Pinterest,  I hope they do more markets, as I have my eye on some pretty things for Christmas presents.
Just have to say Blogger's gone mad again, but I'll proceed. I also have been going to my regular haunt and found some treasures.

I found gem irons, they are so hard to find, a real blast from the past a New Zealand's mother's repertoire included Pavlova, Ginger Gems, a Fruitcake, Fruit Loaf and a slice of some kind preferably  Belgium.  When I told people I had found a Gem iron I got requests for them, and they tasted  delicious.
The weather has been freezing but we have have been planting Hebe's and preparing the veggie garden, next week we will be both in the garden (Basil's night shift precludes any joint gardening, I am sure this is a recipe for a happy marriage). While walking down to the garden centre I took this photo, I'm crossing my fingers said photo ends up here. Note goats stare, the GG movie was wrong it's "Goats who stare at a Woman Walking".
It was a very baleful stare too.
So long for now, loving the Olympics, opening ceremony was fabulous, not sure about the USA uniform, ankle socks are for 6 year olds. Watched rowing, gymnastics, and cycling, last night, not sure how I'll get to work if I watch into the night next week. Pity I have already had the flu.
Hugs, Aunt Bee.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not blogging but busy.

now being used for my WIP  crochet hooks and scissors 
ok  not my best shot , but a bargain buy wanted one for ages
second apron
2 unfinished aprons, and threads, patterns that are in the mag.
Stall owner said they are $2.00 each or the lot for $10.00
sorry, this is a 1951 NZ Stitch mag found at the market.
First bag made in the "sewing room".

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday's walk in the park and CBD.

Add caption
A very bright freezing day, note I tried to be arty with the trees/cranes in the sky.The Art Centre (formally the University) with all its building work. This walk, in part, was accompanied by the voices of two high students singing opera and the overwhelming noise of demolition, which continues 7 days a week.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A room of one's own. How posh.

note beloved Kathleen on the table, aged 51, looks slightly better than me
note cleaning products, it may never see them again
I have been busy turning Tom's room into my sewing room. It is more than a sewing room it's my space, I'm moving the old chair I bought years ago, in today. I will be measuring the curtains I bought in anticipation of this joyous occasion many years ago, I always knew I would get my own spot one day, but truly I never thought it would take 28 years.
my organizing method, throw everything in, then work to find a space for it.
I surprised myself with the small amount of magazines I had .The rest are in the lounge
Sheet love and larger pieces of fabric
I picked up the table at the local Salvation Army shop for $30.00, had to pick it up last Sunday. I took Aj to help, we needed to take the two cars. I wisely took the tool kit,  as we had to take the end legs off, but it fitted in the station wagon, just, I drove it home, as the seats had to be moved so far up to the steering wheel, only those with abnormally short legs could drive the car. Even the Contessa who is shorter than me, has longer legs. But I always knew they would come in handy one day.Actually I think I passed on by short legs to my beloved niece, but haven't told her in case she blames me in stead of our mutant short leg gene.
Well of course I haven't got in there for any relaxing (I have a talking book, Sherlock Holmes, short stories to listen to), numerous projects, and various unfinished stitcheries to do. 
 Basil and I started yoga this week, a 4 week beginners course, which was so much fun, and I'm sure in time I shall become adept at the poses............why does she use me as a model and not in a good model way but a not like this way.I leave you with a before and after photo of my new crocheted delight, the first blanket didn't work, it kept going in a pyramid direction, so I unpicked it and went back to dear Lucy Attic 24's pattern and it's behaving it's self .......for now. Love to all Aunt Bee
P.s the weather has been terrible, woke up this morning and it's warm, no frost and I'm putting out as much washing as possible because there is snow to low levels forecast.Wonderful.
first attempt
I'm just using up yarn, of course have had to buy more, as you do

Sunday, June 10, 2012

For the Contessa, who doesn't see snow in Wanganui

Tuesday morning a light snowfall, 7am
8am, yeah I can go to work in this, I'm cool
Mare waves to me as I arrive, staff now numbers 2.
MM arrives, has driven in from the county
Ok getting heavy, now we are 4, no clients
I, sorry, we, think it's time to go home.
Home by 10.30, some Hail Mary's said on the way, but arrived  safe and sound
So pretty, and still on the ground at our place, front coming in tonight, oh joy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snow, and ramblings from a bargain spotter.

I love these mystery books, have picked up a few and Georgette Heyer, loved her books as a  teenager
Terrible photo by terrible photographer, cute tin though
Snow we have snow, lots of snow, it started early yesterday and snowed all day and night. It's freezing and it's so early in the Winter (officially week 1), and we have snow. Went in to work yesterday, only 4 of us staff there, and one frozen client, so we were home by 10.30am. Today my car was frozen and they said not to travel unless urgent, so I rang in to hear that only  2 staff had made it in and no clients, so they will be going home soon. I have done the ironing, so I'm warm, with 4 layers on, a cuppa on the brew and a slice of apple cake, I will retire to the lounge to watch some Miss Marple and crochet. 
pillow cases, loving the florals and the retro florals
The market I mentioned in the  last post is still a mystery, as I went to the RSA market which has been a disappointment and lo and behold 2 of the stalls from Cranford St market were there, they don't hold any hope for it reopening, so have moved to the RSA on a Saturday morning,it was like seeing old friends. Bought a few trifles as you do, but didn't buy the UJ purse which I thought poor quality, but did get a tin with a view of St Pauls and the Thames which is a nod to the Jubilee. What a great time everyone had, I think I'm to old for such large crowds and the weather looked terrible, at least it didn't seem to upset the millions of spectators and spoil the day. Noticed no photos of snow in this post but recycle back to last year and it's just the same, ha,ha I bet you never thought I would be that lazy. Love Aunt Bee.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday walk in the city.

This is where we stopped for coffee, at least it was still standing
The Town Hall which can be saved, the empty block was where the Convention Centre  used to be
Mother Nature  takes back the river bank
We were going to walk down here but the sandstorm drove us  back
Can't even remember what was here
We have cornered the world market in portaloos
Sad old city
Basil asleep on the couch with my Attic24 blanket , Dave is on his lap. Sunday walks aren't what they were.