Sunday, March 30, 2014

No, really I don't look this good.

Using the app but giving it a 70's vibe, my best years I think, not that I remember them.
More lights from the Sensory Room it's for the clients but I love them.
This me after using a photo shop app on my phone......not a great advert for the app.
These small things give me pleasure the LED lights at the Sensory room and playing silly buggers with my phone. I'm off to watch a double episode of the The Blacklist, love this show. If there are any British people reading this, I must say I'm hooked on the The Great British Sewing Bee, found it on Youtube after reading about it in an English paper. Love, love it, have watched up to S2 E5.Can't wait for the next episode, it's the sort of programme we will never get here anymore, the dreaded Scandinavian thriller is worming it's way in here, and the dysfunctional policeman/woman hunting a serial killer type show.  Am I getting old, no don't answer...............and there I said I love The Blacklist, but that's American as if that explains all. Love Aunt Bee.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

When Lusi visits there is only one thing to do.

Not all the bookcases in the house, in fact not even all my bookcases, but privacy of others would have been invaded if I took photos of them all. Tom said we need more bookcases, mmmm, I thought, maybe not, when you move out we'll have two more. 
The weather outside is frightful, (name that song), so as I'm still in my PJ's it's back to bed with a cuppa and books and mags. I've started a new blog,  Aunt Bee's Book List 2014, feel to pop in and tell me what your reading, comment, disagree, or recommend. I so hope there's no flooding, 11/2 hours to work last time was not fun, fingers crossed. Love AB. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A catch up of the week, a slightly more interesting post than the last, ever so slightly.

Tree in Hagley Park split by storm
Sunday morning treat.
Tom and AJ sparring at the gym, me trying to take the photo and not watch.
Pattern picked up for $2, and threads I bought with a Christmas present.
This photo wont behave, but GG biscuits were on sale yesterday.
Last Sunday we, that is the city of Christchurch had a epic storm, the thunder and lightening kind. This was late in the afternoon, and we (not royal I assure you) Basil and I, were going to the Lantern Festival that evening in the Hagley Park, the festival had been on over the weekend, but I choose Sunday night to go.
hailstones on the front garden to confirm my story
The weather cleared by six, refreshing, ok freezing, but we are made of sterner stuff, and Basil, often impervious to cold went in sandals, and just a hoodie, I had a coat and wool scarf and ankle boots. Not many cars there, but we could see people, children  walking around, the lanterns floating in the river.
We noticed the lanterns weren't lit, but we continued walking around, through the mud and pools of water, till we came to the end or the beginning depending which way you started.
There are all the tents with the food sellers in them ,not, and the stall holders selling things you don't need but want. But they were empty, they had packed up and gone, and the lantern display was cancelled. Nobody was informed, all they had to do was put up a few signs and people would have been happy. As I said to Basil, at least we had a walk, I can't repeat here his reply as he was freezing.That's summer for you. When harvesting veges from the garden Tuesday, I found one of the Camellia trees had split and was broken, it had squashed the rosemary and currants, so I hope this storm wasn't a harbinger of the winter to come. Must go buy my winter slippers, I usual do that at Easter.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Bagpipes and cat training, could my life get any more exciting.

This is the Bronze medal they won, in the St Louis Exhibition, they traveled around the world to 3 World Exhibitions in the late 19th century and came home to NZ.
Basil's great Grandfather's handmade bagpipes, played at Alamein. Tom gave a talk about them. Basil's father Gordon
took with him when he went overseas.
That's better Dave, on the chair, not on the table

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Before I do anything I'll load the photos.........the bane of my life

for your own safety do not enlarge, haven't shaved my legs for awhile
Dave sunbathing
my artistic offering
taken from the back of the garden, Basil sitting on chair, me on the bag of compost, a metaphor on life really

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day, the real story.

I am back to tell the truth, I said the weather was beautiful and it was Christmas Day, till the afternoon. It didn't ruin our walk in the Botanic Gardens, and it's rained every day since. I can't pretend sometimes at 
The Rose garden, Barry , me and 3 German tourists.
Driving through town.
No one in the streets, but us idiots.
Christmas time the weather is horrendous, it's a bit hit and miss whether we get a hot day. So here is the proof.
Not cold but torrential rain

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

Vege from the garden, spuds, beans, peas and lettuce for Christmas lunch.
Christmas tree, slightly wonky photo
While out Christmas shopping took this photo of the many wall murals to be seen in the city.
Yesterday morning early morning walk on the beach.
I am now of to dip me truffles in chocolate, fish and chips for dinner, a tradition in our house Christmas Eve.
I am organised and almost relaxed, probably because I had most of the presents ordered and delivered by November. Roast Lamb, Roast Chicken, salad, vege, etc and for a little nostalgia I am doing the famous Chocolate log plus Pavlova for dessert. That's Choco log, with biscuits dunked in Baileys, then sandwiched with cream and cocoa mixture, and chilled. Some raspberries to decorate, then served, Yummy sounding, but the proof is in the pudding. MERRY CHRISTMAS, I hope you have a lovely day, and get something nice. Aunt Bee.