Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can a Christmas Cake have to much brandy?

This is a sad photo this is all the CK I own and one ring in which I bought at the supermarket because I thought it would go with my CK. Now this the story, CK has as far as I know no shop here and I found these mugs in a home shop in the mall, they cost me $9.95 each on sale, which I think works out to over 3 English pounds each, I'm not sure what they cost in England, but as you can see I bought 4 and 2 for my friend Chris. I love them but no-one shares my passion, so these are for those that like CK or pretty repro vintage things and for me to look at and drink my morning tea in everyday before going to work. Photo is terrible I know, will have to dobetter next time.
Yes can a Christmas Cake have to much brandy? a question much on my mind.Yesterday got AJ to feed  the cake, and I wondered as I said can you smell that AJ it is definitely smelling yummy, yummy or just boozy, should I not feed it next week or should I, should I take it to a AA meeting because it is looking a bit soozled. Answers to this question,  would be appreciated.  There was a craft/vintage market today where I not sure, possibly where it was last time but I didn''t go,  Basil and I went for a walk after watching the All Blacks beat the French. I thought about taking photos as it was a 6km walk but walking down the Main North Rd to the over-bridge isn't that interesting, so when walking  down the other way might take some photos of paddocks and horses and sheep and a lot of traffic as though  its through the green belt it is a very busy road. Bye for now Auny Bee.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Found this wonderful Lorna Hill book last week, I love her books along with Noel Streatfield, they are among my favourites. When I  was young, in the day as the Beastie Brothers would say I went to Mrs Thompson for Elocution lessons which I hated, for the reason I was so shy and nervous, hard to believe, but Mrs Thompson was a wonderful woman with a house full of books which she would lend to me, for that I,ll be always grateful. Actually I'm very comfortable with public speaking which is why I always had to do the talking and explaining to government people and overseas visitors when I worked at a large institution many years ago, also why people ask me to do eulogies or say something at funerals. In fact did a eulogy for a wonderful friend and I man came up to me and said I don't know you (true) but when I die I want you to do my eulogy, yes well I could see some obvious problems with that, so I smiled and ran for a cuppa tea. Even I after reading wot I have wrote I can see that I do waffle even when typing, note to self, mind the amount of waffle. The lovely and clever Robin which I remember from childhood, I love the illustrations as much as the stories. It is a beautiful evening only AJ and I are home, I have been to the weekly torture session a Basix Step class at QE11,( a sports complex), please note I don't spell Basix  this way it is a sign of the times that even the most basic words are spelt wrong. ( I little joke there if you haven't noticed). The birds are singing, the wind is blowing gently through the trees and my veges are calling water, water, so cheerio for now Aunt Bee.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Cake made.

In here we have 1kg of mixed fruit bought from supermarket in a bag. Almonds and walnuts chopped =100gms, and 1/2 cup of crushed pineapple, plus one large splosh of brandy and I mean large. Placed in fridge overnight.Pan prepared to go, usual way, springpan tin.Creamed the sugar 125gms of white and  125gms of brown with 225gms of butter, yes it was at room temperture, beat  in 4 eggs, mine were free range (Hugh is right), Then the flours, 225gms plain and strangely 50gms of self-raising, then fruit, well liquid fruit.Looking good, time for the secret ingredient.Blackcurrent jam, tbsp 1, only I might have put more in, but that's me.You can see the blackcurrent jam in there, it's looking good, sounds like I know what I'm doing but have never made this recipe before, usually make Doris Goody's recipe given to me by Judy, a friend from when we both lived a Prison Village along time ago.Yes it's looking good .In at 2pm out at 5.30pm.You beautiful cake and you smell delicious do you want another drink of brandy, yes? Well o.k. just a little. Please note I am becoming my mother who didn't drink but made the most yummy, boozy, cakes and puds.Bugger, dishes never my favourite thing to do, ask my sister Tess, and of course  the dishwasher is ill again, no not Bas, the real dishwasher, the machine. Probably will not be doing quite as many posts, my wonderful holiday is over and back to work tomorrow. Aunt Bee

Friday, November 20, 2009

The last flowers of Spring

Just a few photos from the garden, the last Rhodos, which have been late this year but that meant they looked beautiful just a bit longer.I see you have spotted the 2 soldiers from China in the garden, well it's not all about me, hard to believe but they are Basil's pride and joy and believe me if he ever found more and he does look, we would have an army. He spotted a giant one down in Orderings which thankfully is out of his price range but god forbid we ever win lotto because he would be straight down to buy it. Have planted tomatoes and parsley, going to get some more tomatoes, onions and peppers, it is lovely and warm.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A webcam photo and baskets

A photo of me by me last night with the new webcam Tom bought, took lots of photos because I was laughing so much, I might of mentioned my R and L confusion, and then make it a mirror image and I totally gone. I  enjoyed myself so much I think I've found a small amusement to entertain myself with if I'm bored. Now ain't that a scary thought.Two old cane baskets now Sky Blue, thank you AJ who painted them outside and left them to dry in the rain, I know, I know but he is mine and I love him. Went to Bunnings to buy the paint, it was spray paint so it was in a locked glass cabinet, the guy said "what do you want to paint"? I said just going to tag something not sure what, thank god they had a sense of humour or I'd been arrested. Made a pretty fabric insert for the bootom and there done.This basket sits near the phone at the corner of the kitchen, and in it I put keys, camera, recipes I've found on the net and intend to use (yeah right), important notices, well anything I want to keep, or need or want to keep safe from the rest of the family, they know not to touch this basket.This delightfully pink plastic box also bought at Bunnings, it goes so well with the notice board I think, it is another desperate attempt to keep my sewing stuff under control. I have no sewing room so my stuff is in baskets, boxes, the window seat, in 2 wooden chests in the lounge and dining area, in large plastic boxes in the room at the back of the garage and lastly in an old china cabinet sits much of my fabric.  So like arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic I move and reorganise my sewing stuff constantly trying to steal space and hoping one day in will all be together in one room. Basil said I could have a room when the one of the boys leave, I am ashamed to say I did think oh great I hope Aj goes first he does have the bigger room.Thats it for now AJ has gone to school for his first exam, English, I hope he does well, everyone else is in bed. Time for nice cup of tea and toast. Aunt Bee

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The weather is terrible.

Although I have named this Post the weather is terrible I will say no more about it as it is upsetting. A woman in Bunnings said that as we have had spring and a short bit of warm weather then it is obvious we have gone straight to Autumn, she said it was her fault as she had put summer sheets on her beds, so it nice to have someone else share the blame. The crochet squares on the lounge floor, not the best place for a photo, I committed the knitters/crocheters cardinal sin didn't buy enough wool and now there is none left and I traipsed all over town looking for bright, bright,colours and found none. I have made more than these here , and I had a brain wave as what to do with them , watch this space. Birdys and christmas decorations made up during the year out of old bits of felt, sequins and buttons. Last photo is AJ on stage after receiving two awards at prize giving, he actually received 2 awards but didn't mention it till this morning. He did his entrance for the" Terries", got told he wouldn't get called up to July 2010, but they rang him yesterday to say he could go in Jan/Feb, this would mean losing 7/8 weeks of the Term 1 next year, so he's decided not to go in then as he doesn't want to miss anything of his Year 13 as it will be to hard to catchup, in fact he would miss most of Term 1, that's if the Rector  had allowed him the time off anyway. I have got him spray painting cane baskets at the moment, trying to distract from his first exam tomorrow, o.k. I'm using him as my slave but what he doesn't know wont hurt him. Aunt Bee

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Topp Twins and the beach walk.

Up close and personal with Camp Mother and Camp Leader at the Show, Camp Mother went off the stage to look for victims, goodlooking young men and unsuspecting foreigners. They said when they go overseas that they tell everyone that everyone in NZ is just like them. Nervous titters from crowd on hearing that statement.Down on the beach this morning, told AJ we would go for a run as we need the exercise, he has a entrance test for" the terries:, on Monday morning which includes a 2.4km run. I of course didn't need to run a good brisk walk is just as good or so my sister Tess says. View of return walk, light colured speck in middle of the picture is the Waimari Beach Club,  where we parked the car. You would think AJ would be pleased his mother got him up at 8.30am for exercise in the fresh air, but when I said, " we'll do this every morning I'm off this week," he said" love to Mum but I think every other day is fine."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A quick note to say why I didn't comment on last weeks Stash/Rehash, can't even tell you what it was like second hand. Got up and went to Edgeware Rd, thought there's no car parks, oh there's heaps of people here, oops. Found a park went to the hall and there was a long line of women from the door of the hall down the side, around the front, down the other side and on to the pavement. What to do, get in line, no I had no sunscreen and no hat so I decided I couldn't stand there for what would be at least 20 minutes, so I left thinking maybe God was telling I didn't need anymore stuff........abit of a joke between God and I, so can't tell you anything......but I'm hearten to see so many people there ( women ), as that's got to be a good sign for the continuation of  sewing, knitting and assorted crafts. On a different note I have taken up the hook so to speak the crochet hook, making squares with very bright wool, just a experiment as I haven't done any crochet for at least 25 years or more. I don't know if anything will come of it or if it's worthy of a photo we shall see. As I,m having a weeks holiday starting today, as tomorrow is a holiday in Canterbury, it's our anniversary day also known as Show Day, I went to the show, think Agricultural Show, animals, machinery, cars, tractors.......sheep shearing, dog trials, fun fair, farm animal competition you know whose prettiest, etc.Always a good day but I've a little sunburn and  so tired so early night is called for. Photo of cute minature Highland cattle, boy or girl possibly either didn't want to lift up anything for a closer look.   Aunt Bee

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bought this tray off Trademe, I loved it and even better Basil loved it too,  Basil is not his real name, but it will do, he is quite good about my mad collectingI found this while in CS, it caught my eye it was not clean, looked like it had afternoon tea still on it but it cleaned up beautifully, it is lovely.Lovely cut work tablecloth.This lovely doily, not sure if it will stay in this form, we'll have to see.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Here are those naughty mice and Toad, Ratty and Mole who have been hiding in blog space somewhere.

 I love these stories, Toad has always been my role model. The Sleeping Beauty book has illustrations I've never seem before.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

more market photos and other finds

This is the tablecloth I bought.The tray that I love heaps.

More photos from the market. These ladies above were selling aprons and bags the red one of which you can see in the photo, the bags were very cute.
The ladies here were selling new things made from very NZ fabric and such like.

Friday, November 6, 2009

more market photos

Some more photos from the market, the top a photo of a really nice stall, and the next one of a stall which had these really clever cake stands made of odd plates with a theme, seperated by odd wine glasses glued to the plate below these were very nice but someone had glued glass buttons to the plates. We that is Larissa, Chris and I liked them but when it came down to it, where would we store them, no room at the inn, I'm afraid. The last photo is Lauren's stall and she had made all her pretty things and her errings in particular were really lovely, using lots of buttons which are always a favourite of mine. That's it for now it took over 1 hour to download these 4 photos some I'm calling it a day, before I go crazy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vntage Market

Stall at Vintage Fair
The fair/market was held at a private house in an old working class part of town. If you want people to know where your going you usually say near the glue factory and everyone knows where you are. So I met Larissa at Chris's (friends) and Larissa had a suprise for us both which I can't divulge at this time, but I can say I shall be or we shall  be having a very very boozy Chrismas Cake.(Note I used capitals for the cake) enough said.
So after the division of spoils, we left for the market, in Woolston, I had of course googled a map and was confident where to go with Larissa following in her mini. Well the map didn't quite show the sharp turn we had to make to get on to Connal St. but we both made it ok. Jensen would have been proud of me. We got a park and this is a area which has some old houses (old in NZ sense not a Northern hemisphere sense) and some empty sections and new industrial buildings, we followed a stream of people and behind a lage hedge was a delightful old small villa. There were at least 9 stalls, one selling vintage clothes( not in my size of course, ) but someone with a great eye had put together a great selection. Two lovely ladies selling aprons (photo to come) when computer behaves, various odds and sods and a young girl selling errings, brooches and hair thingies. The house was open and every room had a amazing collection of things, everything you can think of that's old and interesting plus some refashioned things. No photos here it was to crowded, and you would have only seen a collection of fellow vintage fans(people fans I mean) not any articles. Now Larissa and I were tempted by some fabric, but it was too expensive I know hard to belive that I actually put fabric back when told of the price, but I did and so did Larissa. We made our way to the kitchen and they had glass lemon squeezers for $12.00 and both Chris and I thought  our plastic ones at home were looking more attractive by the minute. So what did I buy, well I didn't buy the flour shaker thing which still had flour in it, I don't think it was for sale but  it didn't have a red dot on it. I did buy a tray vaguely oriental in design I have a thing for willow pattern and it many variations. One table cloth with roses on it, which the seller said she liked so much she wanted to keep it herself, which obviously precluded her washing it, as it was dirty. A pair of button errings by Lauren who can be found at and at pillow case (I know,I know but it won't be a pillow case in it's next life). And that was it, I have more photos which will post later. We did have a look at a homeware shop in Ferrymead but it was a quick look although I did get a good idea there, which I am thinking about making will let you in on it later, but I had to collect the boy. Tom, at  Uni as he had just sat his second exam. Stress oh stress, the exams are nearly over, one more to go on Monday and then AJ starts his NCEA, why is it the parents could sit the exams with all they have learned over the year but it's up to the children who went to school or Uni and learnt nothing who sit  them. If you look at the photo at the top you will see a willow pattern tin and you'll think why didn't she buy that, well I'll tell you, 2 weeks ago while foraging I found a tin similar but darker blue, I bought it, it was dirty I put it in the dishwasher, I took it out of the dishwasher it was very, very clean and had no pattern left on it, I can't bring myself to tell how much that shiny old tin that is the back of the cupboard cost me so we'll say no more. Hope to tell about the Stash/Rehash being held on Sunday.