Sunday, June 10, 2012

For the Contessa, who doesn't see snow in Wanganui

Tuesday morning a light snowfall, 7am
8am, yeah I can go to work in this, I'm cool
Mare waves to me as I arrive, staff now numbers 2.
MM arrives, has driven in from the county
Ok getting heavy, now we are 4, no clients
I, sorry, we, think it's time to go home.
Home by 10.30, some Hail Mary's said on the way, but arrived  safe and sound
So pretty, and still on the ground at our place, front coming in tonight, oh joy.


  1. the snow pics are lovely. Shame having to get around in snow is as much fun.
    At least you had an early finish.

  2. I can hardly believe you are under so much snow while we swelter in the sun, as if, actually it is a BIT sunny today, your world looks far more beautiful than ours. I hope that the next lot doesn't cover you over completely. If only you didn't have to go to work you could sit and enjoy it all.

  3. Wow enjoy it, i know its a pain sometimes but it does look so beautiful when it first settles. dee x

  4. Lovley snow pics, I hope you don't get too much more this week. We are all clear at the moment, hoping to dodge todays promised snow!

  5. I want to play in the snow! But it sure is good to be able to walk outside without getting too cold XD