Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back with a vengence...........or just back.

There is a hint of Spring in the air.
I have been missing in a cloud of malaise for the last few weeks, I have felt rubbish to be honest not in a"sick way" but in a "I've got nothing to say or share because I'm a totally boring woman way". Apparently this is now a major condition in Christchurch, according to a university lecturer we are all suffering from earthquake burnout, so I'm not alone. 
Enough of this, I have been out and about,  on Saturdays and have found some treasures..........no photos yet, so use your imagination, lots of books, some "jolly hockey sticks", I really love them, some Georgette Heyer, loved them when a teenager, now collecting them, I never read her crime novels though and have found 2 which are really good. Found a few dishes and kitchen essentials...........have a thing for sieves at the moment. Please tell I'm not weird and you also have strange obsessions. Spring is just around the corner there is blossom, there are birds singing their lungs out at 4am and there is that subtle but growing warmth in the day and more importantly in the soil, we have been planting the garden with lots of new plants and readying the vege patch. I have planted a lovely rhubarb crown and am hoping for lots of lovely rhubarb, along with black and white currants. The herb garden is looking good, and the chives and garlic chives have gone mad in all the rain we have had. It has rained in Noah like quantities last week and this week, took ages to get to work as the rain causes so much flooding and tears up the roads, even more than the road works.On a brighter note Basil is 61 tomorrow and we are going out to dinner with the "men" and Tom's girlfriend. who we haven't met before.............yikes what will I wear. Aj is stressing as usual with his teacher studies, strange system, they don't teach them what they are expected to put into practise in a real school situation. On consideration it probably explains the whole NZ education system. So that's it I'm hopefully back in the groove and shall take photos of my nick nacks and finds and put them in a blog soon. Note to self not everything is lovely or good, must look up a thesaurus for new adjectives. Thank-you for reading this long meandering post, but I feel semi back to normal. Aunt Bee.


  1. So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling great but its great to see you back ;-) Happy birthday for Basil and enjoy your evening. Can't wait to see photo's of your goodies. Your garden sounds lovely to enjoy it all. dee x

  2. Welcome back from your absence. Hope you get back to your usual self soon.
    Will look forward to your thrifty finds. Love old fashioned sieves too.
    Hope Basil's birthday festivities go well and the big meeting with the girlfriend too. We just met No2 son's gf last weekend when she came to dinner. It's the first 'girlfriend' we have met for any of our boys so it was very exciting. We tried not to scare her off too much!

  3. Good to see you back I have had a case of Blogger malaise too, perhaps it is catching. I have a thing about dusters and cleaning mops. I think it is subliminal in that I hope they clean the house by magic. Happy Birthday to Basil - 61 a youngster - my O H hit 58 this last time, it is amazing how your estimation of 'age' changes as time whizzes by.
    Glad you are on the up. xx