Friday, October 4, 2013

Hello, is there anyone out there ?

I am back from a very long break, where more that once I almost deleted my blog, but I have decided to continue, for no other reason than I feel more chipper.

I have not found a new job, alas, but hope springs eternal, spring has sprung, the clocks have leaped forward last weekend, which explains why everyone was so tired this week.

The Anglican Cathedral.
Tom has one last week of Uni, and Aj has started a 6 week trial with a builder, he will find out in 2 weeks if he has a a permanent position as an apprentice.
Basil and I went into the CBD last weekend.
It was a car free weekend in the CBD
I went shopping this morning and bought Christmas lights and paper, fabrics for my dining table chairs, and some cute fabric with robins on it for a new Christmas tablecloth. So I feel ready for creating, I'm getting the "sander from hell" out tomorrow to sand down the chairs as I am going to paint them, before I cover them. I always bought a Kath Kidtson mug, a large "cowboy" one which I shall enjoy drinking my morning cup of tea in.There we are, my first post in a while, and it was almost painless, almost, I have a smart phone a lovely Nokia, which I am slowly learning how to use. All these photos were taken on my phone, I wont tell you long it took me to learn how to use the camera, suffice o say I have a collection of blurred selfie's. Love Aunt Bee.