Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There is a penguin in this photo, believe me there is, its that little dark speck near the sand
This place is amazing
one of Riverstone's, many shops

I know the penguin is hard to find, but it was hard to find one, as we went down to the harbour late. They keep to a schedule and penguins don't do photo ops if your tardy.
On to Riverstone, everyone says go there, your'll be amazed, well amazed doesn't cover it. I felt sensory overload, and that's saying something, it's incredible, not one shop but sheds full of things you didn't know you wanted, gardens, vege and flowers, animals, birds, and they are building what I thought was a massive castle style house with moat, but is a kid's fort with moat out the back. I'm sure if you googled Riverstone, Oamaru NZ, you would find it, not forgetting it is an award winning cafe, only cafe to win restaurant of the year. The chef is a celebrity chef now, a small but amazing menu, because it was only 9.30am we had a cheese scone each, omg if that's a scone, the lunch dishes must be out of this world.I am going back to Oamaru with Tom and Josie in October, must save my pennies intend to do my Christmas shopping there and Oamaru.  Love Aunt Bee. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

a little trip away

Oamaru's small but perfectly formed
Shops,bakery, cafe's, crafts, books, homemade ice cream, heaven
Not into Steampunk but the sense of humour is great
Outside Steampunk HQ
Oamaru, the Victorian area
Heading for Oamaru
Leaving Fairlie,  very foggy
Lake Tekapo, without Mt Aoriki/Mt Cook, freezing and cloudy

Dave enjoys the Autumn sun
Some photos of our trip and one of Dave relaxing without leaving home.We had a great trip, the weather was good except for Lake Tekapo where it was freezing and we couldn't see Mt Aoriki/MtCook. Stayed the night at Fairlie, where next morning Basil fell over moving from the bathroom to the kitchen, this had a affect on the rest of the week. But he survived but is still limping. Oamaru one of my favourite places was great, the Victorian area was as awesome as everyone said, and the Steampunk HQ, though not my cup of tea was suitably different, it's very arty/crafty/vintage and some of the people dress in Victorian/Steampunk clothes which gives it a real vibe.
I have got some more photos to show including a where's Wally/penguin photo for my next post. love Aunt Bee 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Taking some me time, but have to take Basil.

Sorry for lack of posts, my mojo for crafts, blogging, even ( I hate to admit) keeping up with friends has deserted me.It's just me, although we, I mean all of us in the city of Christchurch are suffering from Earthquake stress and depression. Who would have thought of that,13,000 earthquakes and we are all suffering fatigue, yes we are suffering from experts telling us we are all nuts. 
Basil and I have both a week off, and we are going on a wee trip down south, hopefully I'll come back balanced and ready to get in too the things that make me happy.............sounds good, but not sure it'll work.
So I am going to take photos of my beloved Canterbury, eat too much, and enjoy some time with Basil, I'm driving so I can stop where I want to, haha, don't think Basil has thought this through. Good bye for now.