Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shaking all over.

 The computer is sick, using sons laptop oh fun!.Wonderful Christmas, will post later when I can add photos,but yesterday Boxing Day from after Midnight on was one after shock after another, the one at 10.30am was a shallow 4.9 coming from Opawa a close suburb, yikes I threw myself in front of the china cabinent, not that would have done much good. Went to bed at midnight and the world moved but not in a good way so sent a sleepness night worrying about "the big One". Sorry to moan but not only is this Christmas but also my holiday  I don't have to go back to work till the 10th, I am not liking this at all just think I could be in a mall and the quake happens, I might have to leave without spending my vouchers "hell's teeth that would be a disaster.! love Aunt Bee.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Thank-you for being you.

What's that under my tree, yes, dear readers a Cath Kidston hanger, well a hanger covered in CK fabric. My dear friend Mare gave it to me, she actually listens to my ravings. So Merry Christmas Everyone, It's been just over a year of bloging I was going to mark the occasion but an Eartquake got in the way. I want to say how much I pleasure I get from reading the over 100 blogs I keep on my favourites, and there are so many, I'll just say to the British bloggers thanks for reminding me of my 4 wonderful years in Britain and the kindness of the British people I met there, Aussie bloggers you are undoubtably some of the best craftswomen in the world and to my fellow Kiwi bloggers, one day I'll pick up the courage to arrange a meeting becos it nice to know I'm not on my own, loving the things I love, not to forget the Americans who always are so interesting to read and though thousands of miles away it so nice to see we share the same likes and the same stresses know matter where we are in the world. And that's the rub isn't it we are so alike we have so much in common and we are spread across the world sharing with each other our own personnal but oddly familar lifes. There we are, have a Merry Christmas and New Year, lots of lovely things and more importantly lots of lovely people to spend time with. Aunt Bee.xxxxx

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I have finished work for 2010, start the merry making and blogging catch-up.

Taken on Tuesday morning on the way to work. 7.30am and already  26c.
Lovely red toile pillow cases, and paper mache bowl for my eggs it's very deceptive as it holds easily 2 dozen eggs. A candle holder which is beautiful and 2 nice tins.All bought last weekend at the market and CS shop.The weather has been stinking hot with a  hot NWesterly wind yesterday doing so much damage to the trees and gardens.On the way home from work there were trees down over the road which makes for interesting driving for me and my small car with avoiding the trees and trying to keep the car on the road in over 100km an hour winds. The large glass jar which does have Cookies on the other side, I wanted to put my flour in this after watching Ina G (I love that woman in a cooking sense), using large glass jars for her flour, sugar etc. And a linen hat to ward off the sun, which has been beating down on us without mercy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

sorry, sorry I blame the heat

There was a post, lost forever in cyperspace perhaps Julien can find it, but I can't. Doing this at 6.55 am as the temperature rises to 31 today, actually wearing shorts today  for the first time at work in 13 years. Very busy, with Christmas "do's", and still working till Thursday lunchtime. I'm off to work with Aj, will do a post tonight, with photos of my thrifting finds and other things of interest...........ok interest to me.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baking and a tale of a harried woman.

First time I have made Julie le Clerc's Christmas cake, secret ingredient  condensed milk, looks good.
 Vanilla and white chocolate cake.
Tom made this years ago and I still love it. Its eyes light up alternately.
The tree and new lights on bookcase.
I have been truly busy this last week, because my job entails taking people out to community activities Christmas is  very busy in the eating and drinking department. This week our Dance class finished, not a nice mental picture of me dancing but it does allow me to be a big kid and dance as if no-one is watching, no party in the real sense here, but my 2 clients always make things interesting. Friday was the end of Exercise class very laid back, and always fun, we always go for a nibble at the cafe in the Leisure Centre with other members of the class, unfortunately one of my "men" lost the Christmas card he had been given which caused some grief until I thought of giving him mine. Then back to work to change into "good " clothes and grab some money, then down to a local Working Man's Club for lunch. What a palaver, we had to go in pay and then straight away get our lunch, one of my men could do this independently and the other 2 need help. I asked the cook a large man with numerous tattoos who looked like he had learnt his trade" inside" or on a tramp steamer of dubious origins, if I could have less than the half a chicken he gave me, but he said that's what you get, a request for more gravy as my men need their food soft elicited the same reply. The plates were to hot for my guys to hold so I had to put my plate in a corner, take my men to the buffet, get them things they could eat, seat them and then go back to my plate get my vege, all while juggling a glass of orange juice and a jug of beer and two glasses. Good thing we woman can multi-task. I sat down cut up to plates of food and mashed one up to baby food consistency and as I took a gulp of juice, some-one asked if I needed a hand. Don't you just love that, and my colleagues at work thought I was having a cruisy day. Then to cap of a perfect day I had to leave work early to have my yearly Mammogram, which I checked to see if I had the right day, yes I did so off I went, needed to take a ticket from the parking machine I don't know how this happened becos I do remember seeing the ticket, but between taking the ticket and getting a carpark I lost the ticket, this would have been all of 25 seconds. I hate when I'm so dozy, so I thought ****** and went to the building , I've been there before, but not for 3 years I couldn't find the ****** building , I DON'T BELIEVE IT! could this be the day from hell, am I going mad. So after walking around, I asked a very nice lady who said I'm going there myself, so she took me in a door and up in a lift and there we were. I said to the receptionist I'm sorry I got lost, and she said we moved 2 years ago and I see you haven't been here since the move. Told the X-ray lady what had happened and she laughed  and said to tell the men at the parking booth what had happened and they would let go through, she said they were nice guys. So I approached them with my tale of woe they didn't look fazed  and let me go, the parking was free if you were there less than 30 mins, and I was so I don't feel guilty just relieved. Thank god for the weekend. Have been baking so I shall show you the results, plus the Christmas decorations are up. I did the decorations on Tuesday night with absolutely no help from Aj and Tom and when they came inside and saw the wonderous beauty of the lounge they said " See what a clever girl you are you can do it on your own, don't you feel all grown up now for achieving that". See I know it's wrong to want to beat your children and the defence of provocation is no longer allowed, but sometimes it would feel good too. LOL in case anyone thinks I'm serious. Two of Aj's friends have walked into the house this week to say wow the house looks great, your mum must love Christmas and I assure you it is just basic decorations but I do love Christmas. Sadly they said we don't have any decorations up, our parents/mother thinks it's a waste. What a shame, the boys both loved our house and I told them they could do something at there homes but sadly don't thing they will and I wonder if this is common and in the future will the joy and anticipation of all the traditional rites of Christmas will be lost for many. Love Aunt Bee.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A quick look at things received and sent for Christmas Swaps. Market buys.

My swap gifts before posting to my partner.
Mags to make my heart beat faster. Delicious smelly cinnamon/rosehip pot pourii
Lovely goodies
Gorgeous parcel from Jeni
2 sheets,  sultana loaf, marshmallow slice, a pretty tin, gingham table cloth
6 avos for $5, what a bargain

Sunday, November 28, 2010

ECQ - did you know you got piles?

The EQC people have been through the house, all very unexpected, they turned up at the door and gave Basil a time to be prepared for them, he rang me, I came home early and Bob's your uncle. The house has to be repiled etc etc and work done inside, the floor slopes in all directions and the deck and pergola (which the house insurance pay for ) re-done, as it's just holding on. So the forms will be filed and work MAYBE done in or around June 2011, which is good because the shaking will have hopefully stopped. It is a load of my mind and I feel much more relaxed, the guys who did the survey are from the North Is. and Australia which is amazing that they have come so far to help, to be fair they do get paid, but great to see as the EQC are pushing ahead with the 100.000 or so claims. I got home to find a letter from IRD, returning over, well over $500.00 of my hard earned money, it goes in the pot for Christmas, that's a nice surprise, fancy giving me back my own money which they shouldn't have had anyway. Well that's it, had to share my news, it's good the house has been looked at and the money is a nice bonus. Love to all Aunt Bee.....I hate to say it but another gorgeous day here almost to hot.........sorry to anyone reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, I'm thinking of you and the cold.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let them eat cake, on a lovely warm weekend.

Chocolate cake, cream and strawberries for dessert tonight, I love summer.
What a tidy kiwi, not, can't show you anything but I've been busy, its all secret squirrel stuff.
Aj made lunch, tastes better than it looks, always does if you don't have to cook it.
Tide coming in very fast yesterday, always gets the heart beating faster.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pike River.

I wasn't going to say anything about the Pike River Mine disaster because truthfully what can I or anyone else say. We can only continue to pray for all the miners and their families and friends. A vicar when interviewed  was asked where was God when this happened ? and she replied He was there with them. It is all so overwhelming and sad, but we carry on as people do all over the world when disaster strikes, and hold the ones we love a little closer. Aunt Bee.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday pottering.

The emergency kit, we are putting it away in the laundry, very optimistically of us, although we have had 3,000 aftershocks, I think the worst is behind us. Fingers and toes crossed.
From our garden.
Totally from the neighbours garden, but over our side of the fence.
Some from my garden and some from the neighbours.

Friday, November 19, 2010

To market, to market my fat hen, I'm the fat hen if your wondering.

My basket runneth over , a last a morning at the market.
No surf, a litl cool but great morning for a walk.
Brilliant big basket, fruit and vege and some peppermint slice and loaf, a needlebook and two hats.
I feel back on track, a walk on the beach and then down to the market, very few stalls as it was starting to rain. Yesterday we had 28c and today 16c, oh I think its going to be one of those summers. But I got this super basket, will have to paint it, probably white as I intend it for storing fabric. Heaps of fresh veges including some lovely large radishes and peppermint slice I bought it because I don't eat it therefore I don't make it. No apologises for that, I have a problem with peppermint and chocolate together, like fruit with meat yuck. My men haven't had Apricot Chicken or Ham with pineapple, because I hate those combinations, I'm a terrible mother (ha ha). Very busy at work making candles, I will actually devote a post to our candle making, which is a business  run with people who have a intellectual disabilities making the candles and Mare and I doing the finishing. Aj had his final exam, he is finding the end of school and life as he knew it over, he is starting full time work on the 6th of December. We think the size of his pay check will improve his attitude. Tom is working all the days God gives as a student this is his opportunity to get some money together for the new Uni year in February. Basil is working as hard as ever, shift work is all he's done for nearly 30 years, the boys know know different, but it's true Basil last heart attack has had a noticeable effect on his life, I wish he could retire but that is impossible. I shall stop moaning, as there are so many things happening here at the moment, 29 miners are trapped down a mine on the West Coast, and we are all worried and praying for them to come home safely. It has been such a rotten year in so many ways lets hope 2011 is better.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last day of school for the baby of the family, ok I did blub.

A bit apprehensive.
Do you have to take a photo of me, yse I do.
Only photo which I got of Aj in church.
Year 13 Haka for rest of school and families.
Both Aj and Tom at school for the last time.
Boys hold on together to sing school hymn.
Very emotional day for me today, Aj has finished school, if those of you with younger children think first day of school is bad then just wait. Aj was very apprehensive at the thought of leaving, but he has hated leaving Kindy and Primary school so it wasn't surprising . It was extremely hot in the Hall which is used as a Chapel in these special occasions and  one woman fainted, I wasn't far behind, heat and emotion doesn't bode well at anytime. When they put their arms around each other  to sing the school hymn after communion there wasn't a mother who wasn't crying. We all trooped out to the sunshine and watched the Haka, some people don't understand the Haka it  is a challange in a war situation , it's a warning, but also a mark of respect and the Haka at  the end of year, is for the boys that remain at school, the  teachers and particularly the parents. I will try to put on the video I took up sometime but it's beyond me at this time, I'll have to appeal to" the men" for help.  Afterwards Basil and "the men" went down to the pub which is a tradition for the 18's and overs to go have a drink with some of the teachers , while I went to one of the best craft shop in Christchurch called Hands, no photos though, bought some punches for work and had a good look round always great stuff. Some lovely things caught my eye and I'll go back next week. That's it for now stinking hot day so off to relax and snooze perhaps. Love Aunt Bee.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Roses are Red.

A vase of Red Roses for you all,  Mum and Dad in the photo in the left, taking part in 2010 Walk for Life as oldest cancer survivors in there city, aged 94 and 87. Dad's 88th birthday in a 11 days. I better get busy making something, have a lovely day.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I was in a baking mood.

So its been a cooking kind of day, top Chocolate Cake, note Basil had to take some to work, a no- cook Chocolate Caramel Slice, Lentil, Bean and Celery Soup and my breakfast Chocolate (there is a theme here) Croissant and a cuppa.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A beautiful sunset after a glorious day.

The sky was amazing tonight,  we have had a fabulous day, but rain tomorrow and snow down on the hills so they say. I carry a vest, scarf and jacket in the car always, just in case. Now I'm off to watch Project Runway, love that show.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sewing for the bedroom.

I asked Basil if he minded if I prettied up the bedroom, he said he didn't mind at all, so when I rummaged through my fabric I found some 5in squares of a Japanese appearance and set too and made these 2 cushions. I do more sewing if the machine is out, which of course disrupts the dining room table, I am envious of those who have a sewing room or studio. The photos were taken at 8pm. lovely to see the sun, brilliantly sunny  but a vicious NE wind is blowing most days, still you mustn't grumble. Love  Aunt Bee.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walkies, walkies time for mine and yours constitutional.

What a lovely morning, for a walk I might do this more often.
The school grounds, only 2 more weeks left for  Aj the schoolboy.
Lots of Rules, this is the only top class field left without damage, lucky that, because it was only opened a few months ago.
One of the oldest buildings at the School, the Chapel.
St Bedes, oops I forgot the School Fair, everyone but me is setting up.
I'll linger and admire the clock. Christmas present maybe.
My favourite shop Prescense, time for a spot of window shopping before  continuing the walk.
Beautiful blooms outside the Motel.
The first rose of Summer. How did that get in here.
The house on the corner has a very nice flowering tree.
The Main North road, I'm turning left but right is the road North out of the city.
Prestons Road to the right rural land and market gardens.But we go left.
The park across the road. Almost home.
 I couldn't sleep in, always seem to get up at 6.30am even when it is the weekend, so thought I would go for a walk. Nobody around much at that time, so I took my camera, not my most interesting post, but it's a look at New Zealand on a beautiful Spring morning, we are going to have an early Summer and it's meant to be long and hot summer, o.k we have heard it before but fingers and toes crossed that 2010 will be great.