Saturday, April 9, 2016

Photo taken in the Botanical Gardens in January on a very hot day. Now it is well and truly Autumn, the conkers are on the drive, note to self don't go down the drive in bare feet. The shadows are much longer, it's amazing how quickly the Sun looses it heat.
Dear Dave in the geraniums, he died last year and said we wouldn't get another cat. We have been offered a part Maine Coon male cat, but are dithering as only we can do, whether to take him or not.
The beach in all 
it's glory, early one summer's morning. I walk there more often now that have Thursdays off.
My photography has shown no real improvement, but it amuses me. I have got myself in mud, sludge and swamp, trying to get the perfect photo.
Baking is not so much of a joy, since the "men" of the house seem to hoover everything up, and AJ doesn't live at home anymore. I made crackers on Thursday night, a trial in economy, don't bother, it might have worked out cheaper, if they hadn't been eaten by Friday night.
I have got myself under way, my sister has re-started her blog on Wordpress, she is Tessacontessa, it is a foodie blog, as I have said before she is a brilliant cook, even I am looking forward to her next post. Not sure I'm keen on what she does with figs, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. Babs.