Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The visitor, the dietician and the men hitting each other.

I have been busy the last few weeks, we had a visitor from Aussie, a army friend of Basil's, (1970's vintage) to stay for a week and I was a bit on edge, as I've only meet him 3 times in 29 years and he deigned to speak to me about 6 sentences in all that time. We did a lot of ferrying around, well Basil did the most, but we don't have a spare room so Tom slept on the floor. Not ideal for a boy studying and trying to type up 4 major essay for Uni. He (the visitor) seemed to enjoy his trip and returned home early and I mean in the early hours of Monday morning, Basil was on night shift so I got up at 3.30am to see him off, am I mad or what.
I have not gone on about my DIET (it deserves capitals though), because don't you get sick of those bloggers who start off normal then go on a diet and that's all they talk about, BUT I had a weigh in with the dietician yesterday and  I have lost 13.4 kg since the first week of June. I have a long way to go but I'm determined to do it, she doesn't want to see me again, but I can email her with results every month or so. Now all I have to do is go back to the specialist who told me to lose weight. Mmmmmmmmmm not to keen on this next appointment, as he was, how should I say this, a bit of a pig, that really covers it I think. Anyway the female specialist and her nurse and the dietician said he could do with losing weight himself and that to expect me to get down to 70 kilos was mad, I had to agree, so the dietician and I think 78 or there-abouts, is good. So no more talk of the DIET but I will be happy to show you, me, in June 2012, as that is how long I have given myself to lose the rest of my pounds of butter (that's how I'm thinking of them).
On a happy note we have gone to daylight savings and it is so beautiful at 6.20pm to see my clothes drying on the line, the  birds singing in the trees, and the happy sounds of my sons's beating the hell out of each other with boxing gloves.
O.k. I'll have to go out and stop them or there will be tears before bed time. Love to all Aunt Bee. 
Miss Read books, I'm a happy reader.

Some pretty tulips, I love Spring.
I was pleased to find this Duvet and pillowcases, so summery.
Bought at the market, it matches my "granny purse".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spring cleaning and throwing out things.

This is the pile of magazines and books I have donated to the Rotary Club to sell in their up coming Bookarama, yes I actually threw out almost half my house, food and craft magzines. It was surprisingly easy, no drama just looked at the covers and made a keep or give decision, Aj said "how can you get rid of them without looking through them", but honestly I could tell by looking at them what was in them, weird but true.

The cushion I made for the couch in the kitchen/diner, the floral fabric was a curtain, the piece of patchwork I made years ago and the tartan fabric I bought off Trade me years ago. The little Indian cushion I picked up at a jumble sale at a local church, even "the men" think the couch looks better. Just spring cleaning was a workout in it's self, the house is full of young and old men here to watch the boxing. Time for a cuppa and a sit down. Love Aunt Bee.  P.S. much celebrating here last night. as Ireland beat Aussie, of course in this house Ireland is our second favourite team after the All Blacks. Little jolt last night at 8pm. the house seemed to jump of it's foundations and them back down again. Just a reminder not to get to complacent.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The craft flair fair and smart thrifting.

I thought this was very CK like, although I have never seen CK fabric.
My fair booty, the tin held a fat quarter and ribbon.
I suspect this is the first of a series.
very pretty dish, now in the bathroom holding soap and corkscrew
I have returned from the Fair greatly impressed, as it was small,  over 3 floors of the Riccarton Race Course, but perfectly formed. 39 stalls and mostly from Canterbury, a few from the North Island and the usual sewing machine displays. I spent some money, so it must have been ok. No photos allowed so that is why there are none, and I was strangely drawn to the beads and stamps, strangely because I don't do these crafts and more oddly I wanted to start doing them, sanity prevailed and I told myself no. Lots of classes and demo's, but I left after an hour, I searched in vain for a cuppa in a proper cup, I can't abide paper cups, so I went home happy but thirsty.
The book, corkscrew and a very sharp corkscrew it is, I stabbed myself twice with it while still in the CS, and the pretty leaf plate I found in one of my favourite CS shops, which I can only go to if I'm off work because of it's opening hours. They were reorganising their shop floor and I got the 3 items for $2.00, that's what I call a bargain.
I'm back to work next week and as usual I don't want to go, but needs must when the devil drives or some such quote that me sainted mother used to say. Love Aunt Bee. Oops sounds like the sainted mother is dead, but she doing ok at 95, and probably saying her numerous sayings, quotes and blessings in her indomitable Irish way. She has a saying for every possible situation, not as bad as her sister who used to say when greeting anyone, family or stranger "kiss me darling, nothing makes me sick", but then again she has lived in Aussie for 60 years.LOL, good thing she doesn't read this blog.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A swap arrives, and Radio 4 I love you.

Very pink necklace.

Florence of Sunshine of my loves, was my swap buddy in Lakota's swap and due to many things such as Florence getting ready for her family's big trip to Europe, my indecision over what to send her in the way of jewellery, and NZ Post's very slack service we have finally exchanged our swaps. Mine arrived on Monday, and a very nice start to my holiday it was. A lovely painting of flowers, even Basil was complimentary he said we have to get it framed, so I take that as a good, a wonderful scarf, very long and almost black which I will be wearing for all future AB games. A pink necklace, love the colour it's such a lovely pinky pink.
 My holiday has been wonderful, Monday I went to the Mall what a novelty, a Mall where you can go into the shops and have a good look around without fighting the heaving throng, the Christmas Shop has opened, I could have spent serious money but didn't, didn't have any really, money that is, saving it up for the Fair on Friday. Tuesday went with the men to a Mall that I haven't been in since the big earthquake a year ago, and I felt nervous but it was fine, this is the Mall where Aj was on June 13th and had to flee with his friends just as he started eating his curry, how sad he couldn't ask for a refund. I had a look around and a lemon muffin and then Aj and  went on to Spotlight, (Tom went over to the Uni which is about 500 metres away), as I needed more wool, really acrylic, for a new crochet project, very hush hush, only because it will take ages to do, with over 200 granny squares I don't want to get your hopes up that you might see it in this decade. 
Today is a cleaning day, have done the shower, moving on to the dreaded toilet, those  with a men only household will know what I mean. So enjoying the time to myself, oh and listening to Radio 4 on the internet, you lucky British people to have Radio 4, I have been catching up with "Just a minute", the Agatha Christie stories and a Paul Temple serial, I love Paul Temple, yes I can remember pre TV world and all the brilliant radio serials on at night. Which Aussie or Kiwi can remember Portia faces Life, a classic housewife's favourite.
I would be grateful for anyone who has a favourite on Radio 4  programme to let me know, I'm not familiar with much any more as I left Britain to return home at the end of 1980, so any comedy or drama or good current events shows I would be grateful for a recommend (if you know what I mean). Must go and check if Paul and Steve are any closer to catching the dastardly Valentine, infamous drug dealer circa 1948. I do believe I am regressing more to the happy days of 50's and 60's when life seemed easier, of course I was a child and we always saw things differently than our parents who had the financial responsibility for us all, just as we have for our own families today, and we all know that isn't ever easy.
Love Aunt Bee. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

sorry, sorry blogger went mad

Sorry if you read the last post, don't know what happened. I was going to say I might be in rugby meltdown by the semi finals. I'm so illiterate computer wise as I couldn't edit the Aunt Bee.

I asked Tom did he want to go to the market with me yesterday surprisingly he said yes, so of we went. The car park is slowly getting repaired so everyone was still crammed into the church car park, and although I had tempted Tom with the idea the book man would be there, he wasn't. But Tom did buy socks, a knee support and a very cool bronze of Achilles. It's very heavy, and he has lost his spear, but Tom loves it. I picked up the very nice green, and isn't a lovely green eggcup, and the cute little tiny casserole dish, well that's what I'm calling it, it does say its oven proof on the bottom, behind them is a very pretty embroidered table cloth.The cauli is huge and beautiful, I love caulis and this had the added bonus of being only $3, which is a bargain, considering they were $4.50 last week. 
After the market I went to Avonhead Mall and picked up Mollie Makes, and as we were coming home I saw the bowling club was holding a giant garage sale, it was  almost over when I got there, Tom refused to get out of the car, took me back to the time he was a stroppy 6 year old, and all I got was the nice tin.It was a lovely morning, he was happy with what he bought and I was glad for the company. Although he was telling me about "trans humanism" his favourite philosophy at the moment, don't ask me, I have know idea what it's about, I'm focusing on Classics I have some hope in understanding them, the Greeks and Romans I mean.
The rugby was good last night, and tonight we have Ireland v United States, it'll be very exciting  and emotional as it is the anniversary on 9/11. My rugby watching meter is high at the moment but next 


After seeing everyone raving about Mollie Makes, I emailed the magazine to see if it would be on sale in NZ. They emailed back a few weeks ago and listed the shops stocking it in Christchurch. I visited the closest shop last week and they had none (actually they didn't have a clue what I was talking about), but the young lady there said she did, fellow crafter of course, they put my name down for all future copies and they rang last week. I dashed down there today, result issue 3 is mine, and I think it is worth the hype, I'm very pleased with it.I'm here at 7.38pm watching France  v Japan, waiting for England v Argentina at 8.15pm to start, and playing with crocheting flowers. Bliss rugby, craft, and only me in the lounge. It's bliss for the men as I have a rotten virus thingy which has left me without a voice and with a grumpier disposition (they aren't so happy about that part of it), but of course I have next week off. I want you to think you are hearing sounds of great joy, yelling and cheering, because you can't hear me and I can't actually do it at the moment, but that's what I doing inside. Have been to the market, garage sale and library today, each has provided treasures, to show you next post. Love Aunt Bee.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Big Hug, to give our city a hug for all we have been through.

Ok, we did wait here for awhile, till we realized we were in the wrong place.
We had a great time, Eldest son, MM, me and Mare from Aj's.
The other side of the hug circle, they didn't do the Mexican wave very well  .
MM taking a photo of me taking a photo of her.
Entertainment before the HUG.
Note the number of trees cut down because of the earthquake.
The fan zone in the park for the Rugby World Cup.
Instructions for the big hug.