Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sorry, blogger just puts photos where it thinks they should go, these little plates  are turning into an obsession.
I went to a new market yesterday, the Craft Connexion (I think that's how they spell it) had a market at the CPIT building, this involved much circling in the car till I found it, and it was excellent. Lovely to see lots of young ladies begin so creative, lots of bunting, earrings, pendants, fabric some retro clothing etc there, very busy and the sun streamed through the big wall of windows. I had to do my bit, very tight reins on the purse strings though, oddly I did buy a purse.
coin purse
2 fat quarters the green is a apple green, very fresh and pretty
cute magnets

It was like walking into Pinterest,  I hope they do more markets, as I have my eye on some pretty things for Christmas presents.
Just have to say Blogger's gone mad again, but I'll proceed. I also have been going to my regular haunt and found some treasures.

I found gem irons, they are so hard to find, a real blast from the past a New Zealand's mother's repertoire included Pavlova, Ginger Gems, a Fruitcake, Fruit Loaf and a slice of some kind preferably  Belgium.  When I told people I had found a Gem iron I got requests for them, and they tasted  delicious.
The weather has been freezing but we have have been planting Hebe's and preparing the veggie garden, next week we will be both in the garden (Basil's night shift precludes any joint gardening, I am sure this is a recipe for a happy marriage). While walking down to the garden centre I took this photo, I'm crossing my fingers said photo ends up here. Note goats stare, the GG movie was wrong it's "Goats who stare at a Woman Walking".
It was a very baleful stare too.
So long for now, loving the Olympics, opening ceremony was fabulous, not sure about the USA uniform, ankle socks are for 6 year olds. Watched rowing, gymnastics, and cycling, last night, not sure how I'll get to work if I watch into the night next week. Pity I have already had the flu.
Hugs, Aunt Bee.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not blogging but busy.

now being used for my WIP  crochet hooks and scissors 
ok  not my best shot , but a bargain buy wanted one for ages
second apron
2 unfinished aprons, and threads, patterns that are in the mag.
Stall owner said they are $2.00 each or the lot for $10.00
sorry, this is a 1951 NZ Stitch mag found at the market.
First bag made in the "sewing room".