Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This is coming to youall,from the comfort of my couch,through my new TV and it has been a trail. I'm going to be brief because to get this far has done my head in, Aj has told me I am on my own in this endeavovor. I shall experiment in the next few days and update my progress in this modern way. Forgive all mistakes as the bloody thing wont let me correct them. Aunt Bee

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Photos are easy to download again, well it took me ONLY 1 hour.

7.30am and the surfers were out in the sea
Dave finds a basket in the sun
gorgeous great nephew
have faced my fears and am back walking on the beach
A quick post, the weather is fabulous, the days long and lazy. Some people already back at work, some not, yippee. Walking down the beach with Tom, everyone is smiling and talking to each other, walking their dogs and going for a dip, surfing, and jet skiing.
Lots of late Christmas books and DVD's arriving, mostly from the UK and the US, it's a prolonged Christmas which is great.
Hope your all recovered or recovering from the Festive 
Season, I confess I took down the tree on the 2nd. Noticed someone counting down to Easter, they should be given a strongly worded talking too. Aunt Bee.