Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snow, and ramblings from a bargain spotter.

I love these mystery books, have picked up a few and Georgette Heyer, loved her books as a  teenager
Terrible photo by terrible photographer, cute tin though
Snow we have snow, lots of snow, it started early yesterday and snowed all day and night. It's freezing and it's so early in the Winter (officially week 1), and we have snow. Went in to work yesterday, only 4 of us staff there, and one frozen client, so we were home by 10.30am. Today my car was frozen and they said not to travel unless urgent, so I rang in to hear that only  2 staff had made it in and no clients, so they will be going home soon. I have done the ironing, so I'm warm, with 4 layers on, a cuppa on the brew and a slice of apple cake, I will retire to the lounge to watch some Miss Marple and crochet. 
pillow cases, loving the florals and the retro florals
The market I mentioned in the  last post is still a mystery, as I went to the RSA market which has been a disappointment and lo and behold 2 of the stalls from Cranford St market were there, they don't hold any hope for it reopening, so have moved to the RSA on a Saturday morning,it was like seeing old friends. Bought a few trifles as you do, but didn't buy the UJ purse which I thought poor quality, but did get a tin with a view of St Pauls and the Thames which is a nod to the Jubilee. What a great time everyone had, I think I'm to old for such large crowds and the weather looked terrible, at least it didn't seem to upset the millions of spectators and spoil the day. Noticed no photos of snow in this post but recycle back to last year and it's just the same, ha,ha I bet you never thought I would be that lazy. Love Aunt Bee.


  1. LOVE that tin on the far right!!!
    And I love those retro pillowcases!
    Snow,ugh,and it's all going to be slush later today!!!

  2. We are in our summer months , who is kidding who . We have had one scorching week . Rain and more rain . The stuff in the garden looks really green and flourishing though

  3. I would like to tell you what a warm and cheery summer we are having on this side of the planet. Alas NO I can't get into the garden, the weeds on the drive are sending me round the bend. I often go to bed with a hot water bottle and I put the heater on in the conservatory! this morning.