Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday's walk in the park and CBD.

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A very bright freezing day, note I tried to be arty with the trees/cranes in the sky.The Art Centre (formally the University) with all its building work. This walk, in part, was accompanied by the voices of two high students singing opera and the overwhelming noise of demolition, which continues 7 days a week.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A room of one's own. How posh.

note beloved Kathleen on the table, aged 51, looks slightly better than me
note cleaning products, it may never see them again
I have been busy turning Tom's room into my sewing room. It is more than a sewing room it's my space, I'm moving the old chair I bought years ago, in today. I will be measuring the curtains I bought in anticipation of this joyous occasion many years ago, I always knew I would get my own spot one day, but truly I never thought it would take 28 years.
my organizing method, throw everything in, then work to find a space for it.
I surprised myself with the small amount of magazines I had .The rest are in the lounge
Sheet love and larger pieces of fabric
I picked up the table at the local Salvation Army shop for $30.00, had to pick it up last Sunday. I took Aj to help, we needed to take the two cars. I wisely took the tool kit,  as we had to take the end legs off, but it fitted in the station wagon, just, I drove it home, as the seats had to be moved so far up to the steering wheel, only those with abnormally short legs could drive the car. Even the Contessa who is shorter than me, has longer legs. But I always knew they would come in handy one day.Actually I think I passed on by short legs to my beloved niece, but haven't told her in case she blames me in stead of our mutant short leg gene.
Well of course I haven't got in there for any relaxing (I have a talking book, Sherlock Holmes, short stories to listen to), numerous projects, and various unfinished stitcheries to do. 
 Basil and I started yoga this week, a 4 week beginners course, which was so much fun, and I'm sure in time I shall become adept at the poses............why does she use me as a model and not in a good model way but a not like this way.I leave you with a before and after photo of my new crocheted delight, the first blanket didn't work, it kept going in a pyramid direction, so I unpicked it and went back to dear Lucy Attic 24's pattern and it's behaving it's self .......for now. Love to all Aunt Bee
P.s the weather has been terrible, woke up this morning and it's warm, no frost and I'm putting out as much washing as possible because there is snow to low levels forecast.Wonderful.
first attempt
I'm just using up yarn, of course have had to buy more, as you do

Sunday, June 10, 2012

For the Contessa, who doesn't see snow in Wanganui

Tuesday morning a light snowfall, 7am
8am, yeah I can go to work in this, I'm cool
Mare waves to me as I arrive, staff now numbers 2.
MM arrives, has driven in from the county
Ok getting heavy, now we are 4, no clients
I, sorry, we, think it's time to go home.
Home by 10.30, some Hail Mary's said on the way, but arrived  safe and sound
So pretty, and still on the ground at our place, front coming in tonight, oh joy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snow, and ramblings from a bargain spotter.

I love these mystery books, have picked up a few and Georgette Heyer, loved her books as a  teenager
Terrible photo by terrible photographer, cute tin though
Snow we have snow, lots of snow, it started early yesterday and snowed all day and night. It's freezing and it's so early in the Winter (officially week 1), and we have snow. Went in to work yesterday, only 4 of us staff there, and one frozen client, so we were home by 10.30am. Today my car was frozen and they said not to travel unless urgent, so I rang in to hear that only  2 staff had made it in and no clients, so they will be going home soon. I have done the ironing, so I'm warm, with 4 layers on, a cuppa on the brew and a slice of apple cake, I will retire to the lounge to watch some Miss Marple and crochet. 
pillow cases, loving the florals and the retro florals
The market I mentioned in the  last post is still a mystery, as I went to the RSA market which has been a disappointment and lo and behold 2 of the stalls from Cranford St market were there, they don't hold any hope for it reopening, so have moved to the RSA on a Saturday morning,it was like seeing old friends. Bought a few trifles as you do, but didn't buy the UJ purse which I thought poor quality, but did get a tin with a view of St Pauls and the Thames which is a nod to the Jubilee. What a great time everyone had, I think I'm to old for such large crowds and the weather looked terrible, at least it didn't seem to upset the millions of spectators and spoil the day. Noticed no photos of snow in this post but recycle back to last year and it's just the same, ha,ha I bet you never thought I would be that lazy. Love Aunt Bee.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday walk in the city.

This is where we stopped for coffee, at least it was still standing
The Town Hall which can be saved, the empty block was where the Convention Centre  used to be
Mother Nature  takes back the river bank
We were going to walk down here but the sandstorm drove us  back
Can't even remember what was here
We have cornered the world market in portaloos
Sad old city
Basil asleep on the couch with my Attic24 blanket , Dave is on his lap. Sunday walks aren't what they were.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Life got in the way.

I haven't posted for so long, but life got in the way, a combination of jury duty and no computer, and Tom leaving home. My eldest son has gone flatting and it's fine, but I miss him terribly because he is so much fun and interesting, you can have  a good old natter with him. He's taught me about the Greeks and Romans, legal matters (when still a law student), Batman (more than any woman needs to know) and Death Metal, (serves me right for been always interested in what they were interested in). He gone to share a house with old school friends, 1 minute walk from the supermarket where he has a new job, night supervisor 3 nights a week.This is enough for him to live on, Aj misses him and so does the cat, and I have commandeered his room as my sewing room, yes I am going to have a room where my machine will always be set up ready to go. I am hoping this helps with productivity, as I have been sadly lacking in sewing mojo lately, tried to machine quilt on the weekend, I am so bad at it, I would be grateful for any one's advice or knowledge of any good tutorials on the Internet. It needs to be idiot proof, really, idiot proof. 
Angus has one more week at Uni and then he is at a local school for his first section, he's been on two visits to see what happens in the class from a teachers perspective, which he still finds hard,  he has to remind himself he is the adult and the kids look to him for the answers. (God help them).
Jury duty was interesting and no I wasn't on any jury, closest I got was the 30 from which the 12 were picked.We had to turn everyday in case we were chosen. I'm glad I did it, and would certainly do it again if chosen, it was the third time I had been called in 15 years.
This weekend is Queen's Birthday weekend, with the holiday on Monday, it is always looked forward too, as it is our last long weekend till October, it's a long cold winter to come without a break. Today is the first day of Winter and it's been bitter, heavy frosts and freezing nights, no real rain though, but snow on the mountains already.No photos as you can see, it's the problem that needed fixing on the computer, so you have only my words, here's hoping you haven't been bored. No market,for the last 4 weeks, it has just disappeared, I'm going to a new market tomorrow, which sounds very new agey, and ever so green, and slightly odd so it will be a new experience anyway. Hugs to all and Happy Anniversary to Her Majesty, my apologies for non-attendance, but of course I was there in London for Her 25th, and thought others should have a chance for her 60th. Of course I have seen her put her lipstick on in public at Ascot, not sure this counts as any real relationship with QE  and you know I'm not one to name drop anyway. Love Aunt Bee.