Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photos at last or last photos

garage roof, insurance will cover the cost
the sky before the storm
why didn't we put the cars away, there is no answer to that
Good afternoon, I sit here by the big window, looking out on pure sunshine, but still in vest, T.shirt and fluffy slippers. the weather is improving and I shall go out shortly and plant the 3 geraniums and 1 Christmas lily I bought yesterday. Now if there are to be photos they will be totally unconnected to this post. Aj has worked his computer magic and he got the photos up, down whatever loaded where they are I'm not sure, but here goes.
I found a wonderful shop, yesterday The Vintage Elephant, gorgeous stuff, a mixture of real and new vintage stuff, I couldn't help buy a few little things, some modern vintage Snap cards, some scraps, have no idea what I'll do with them, and some clown stickers ( I know I hate clowns, but their for Aj) a card with cats on, could have spent heaps but used up my allowance. There wasn't much left after the plants and wool I bought, but $20.00 can go along way if your frugal. Never thought I would say that. I haven't dared take any photos as I have no idea what Aj did to get them off the camera. 
We, the work gang went to a quiz night, we haven't been to many since the you know whats's (there was a 4.2 on Friday, which was nothing but it was a reminder). The quiz was at a school that some of the gang have a connection too, it was really great, the best questions in years and I say that even though we came joint 3rd, and I won a raffle this is news I never win anything. It was pick your prize and I was called early, grabbed a bag containing, tins of fruit, beans etc, honey, ginger kisses, yum, a sweet and sour sauce and various other stuff. I was thrilled, it's a sign of the times, free groceries make my day. Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. Ha, I thought I'd better comment on my own post,the wonderful shop is called The Vintage Cupboard, so dumb, their logo is an elephant. You can see why I was confused.........right. Yes just goes to prove I'm daft.