Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just a catch up

a amazing autumn sky
dave attempts to steal food
This post and I hope you bear with me, is a bit of everything. I did go up North to see my mum, which was wonderful, sad and the best thing I could have done. I spent 5 days with my sister, and her daughter my niece Clare (who I wanted to adopt, not having any daughters I discovered the pleasure of the company of a 21year old girl.) My mum and I did speak, albeit mostly me, as she struggled to talk, but we understood each other. I spent time with my sister who has taken on the organizer for all the things one must do in the circumstances. Dad at 87 was exhausted and at times lost as he slowly realized his wife of 63 years was actually going to die. She's always been a bit of a Houdini, escaping cancer (twice) and heart disease, but alas not this time.
We thought about taking a photo, while we were in the Hospice, but in fits of laughter we thought it highly inappropriate, we did have lots of laughs, knowing mum could hear us although not able to respond. The last thing she said to me, as the Contessa and I were looking at her was "my two gorgeous girls" so we knew she hadn't lost her sense of humour.
I will be going up sometime this week for the funeral, the cost of inter island flights is so prohibitive, so many people who would wish to be there wont be able to be.
things for the grand-niece
the day after some night before
So here are the photos of things done, thrifted, seen etc. I hope they don't shoot of to the top of the post that would look trivial. There is a Aussie called Rove who always at the end of his show used to say "hug your mother for me". so I shall leave you with that. Love Aunt Bee.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sorry about the absence.

I apologise for the absence as I haven't had the brain for blogging. I will be going up North tomorrow to see my mum, it's been a stressful 3 weeks. The Contessa has been carrying a load of responsibility for organising care for mum and dad. Tough old bird that she is she has kept on going but is now fading fast. The old bird is mum not the Contessa who is a tough younger bird. I have got things to show you, but not today as I'm sadly not organised. My mum was a very into op shops and thrifting, she loved old things, things that had use and a history. This legacy she handed to me, as it isn't the Contessa at all, so in my mum's spirit I went to the Bookarama on Saturday. For the measly amount of $23.00 I got heaps of books and mags,  some copies of Dish (NZ food mag), some "jolly hockey sticks" boarding school for girls, 50's and 60's books  and a AC which I probably have but I bought anyway, and some old crochet and knitting books and patterns. I have started another crochet blanket to use up my yarn, it started out as random piece but I have colour coded it, and I can't help but not look for more yarn to add to it. Whenever I try to be free and bold and let things go there own way I fail. So much for thinking I'm a free spirited, relaxed kinda of  person, I can't let go of my inner control freak. Oh it's my birthday, I have only one wish, and that is for mum not to die on my birthday, I think I would cry for a 100 years. I hope you get what I mean by that. Thanks for the support, hugs to you all, I'm still reading blogs, enjoying your creativity and thrifting finds and happy that thousands of miles away are like minded people just as odd as me, I mean that in the nicest possible way. Love Aunt Bee.