Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not blogging but busy.

now being used for my WIP  crochet hooks and scissors 
ok  not my best shot , but a bargain buy wanted one for ages
second apron
2 unfinished aprons, and threads, patterns that are in the mag.
Stall owner said they are $2.00 each or the lot for $10.00
sorry, this is a 1951 NZ Stitch mag found at the market.
First bag made in the "sewing room".


  1. lots of lovely finds!
    Well done on christening the sewing room with an inaugural finish.

  2. Oh!!! I love the magazines!! It has been a busy summer for garden garden....and I really just want to sew! Have fun!

  3. you enjoy those walnut whips! ;))))))