Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy, being busy.

I have been so busy lately, I apologise now for lack of photos, but Aj and the camera are not co-operating. First it has been a long weekend and this is Sunday night. Friday was the holiday, Show day and the day we celebrate our Province of Canterbury. Prince Charles and Camilla were here and went to the CBD, the Show and well received they were too. Except for the strange foreign man who wanted to protest by throwing manure over them. 
So the week before I went to the Rudolf Steiner school fair, and I was impressed the school is small and very "organic" if you know what I mean but people were wonderful, the whole fair was great. I bought 4 tops, I must say the second hand clothes were amazing, very hippy, greeny, and very good quality, I was down to my last few dollars so was constrained by my straitened purse. 
I won a raffle at the other school fair I went to on the Sunday, it was the boys old school. They rang at 4pm to say I had won a raffle,and could I pick it up then, and so I went straight away, (was secretly hoping for the wheelbarrow full of groceries), but I had won a hamper of groceries. I said at work, how wonderful, I never win anything and they reminded me I won a raffle at the last quiz we went too, picky bunch.
Saturday I had brunch with Tom's friend you know the one I'm not to say is his girlfriend, Miss J, we had a lovely time at Crisp, eating eggs Benedict, so yummy. Tom joined us later, she is such a sweetie, she gave me Jane Brocket's Cherry cake and ginger beer. Lovely girl works in the University Book shop, the job of my dreams. Still no sign of a job, signs of sorry you weren't successful letters though, at least they replied, heaps don't. I can see how people get so down and depressed at not finding work.
 Met my brother at the P.O. shop last week, strange you might think, but he works nights and we don't see much of each other, I went in to the shop, we both get our magazines there, we found out this by accident a few months ago, the shop owners think we are magazine addicts and we are, they should thank-God we are, I'm sure we keep them in business. It's Mums fault she always  got  the EWW for herself, and the Judy and School friend for us girls, later the Fab 208, and the Beano for the boys. We did have a semi British childhood, in some ways, anyway that's the reason or excuse I have for our magazine mania, Sean has been buying The Field and I have been getting the EWW, plus all our other favourites. I bought Mollie M and Making. Just received Mollie Makes Christmas from The Book Depository, Miss J introduced to this wonderful place, it is so cheap and fast, I have 2 Patricia Wentworths on order. 
 So that's life at the moment, Aj has a full-time work at ITM for the holidays, results not out from Uni yet, Tom is contemplating his future or more likely his navel, and has made no real decision. We will be moving banks on Friday, this will put more than $300.00 in to the budget per month. That will be used for getting our debt down, so next year will hopefully be a time of consolidation, and saving, I have already signed up for the sealed tin challenge 2013. 
Love and hugs to all, I believe in the power of hugs, got lots this weekend and most were unsolicited, ha Aj and Tom love their mum and so they should. Aunt Bee.


  1. Charles just isn't Queenie, but I was a little excited about his being here!!!

  2. You really are the magazine queen! I am only getting Mollie Makes at the mo, I tend to use blogs are my online magazines - so much more interesting and inspiring. Keep well. xx

  3. Chin up I am sure a job will come before too long. There is nothing wrong with being a magazine addict, it could be far worse,