Monday, February 27, 2012

gosh don't you look good

We have a new computer courtesy of Tom, it has a big screen which means you all look really good to my eyes. Tom's friend and computer expert has fixed it all together and transferred my favourites over without me losing anyone. I have at least 50 blogs I visit, but I don't follow all of them, I found it a bit daunting to follow people so I just put them on my favourites and visit during the week.
Of course no photos today as I can't find them, although Ben assures me they are in there somewhere.
Very busy weekend, all mothers of young adults will know what I mean, Friday night Baz and I thought there had been an earthquake because the house was shaking, but no it was the wind, Saturday night, Baz had work, Tom was out and I had dropped Aj off the other side of town and got back home to an earthquake, 4.2 and down the beach. When I finally got to sleep at 2am the phone rang at 2.45am could I pick up Tom as he was sick, no not alcohol, actually sick so I picked him up. Then Aj rang for me to pick him up at 8.30am as he had boxing training at 9.30am. Then Tom told me had friends coming round in the afternoon for a thing on Sky and BBQ, yes I did the BBQ and through  all of this Baz was either at work or asleep. 
at least I got a picture placed, pity it's from an old post
Then twice this week I have done strange posting things, like sent Mum a parcel up North addressed to me, and sent the Contessa a birthday card a month early I don't know why she's complaining I never usually remember. I have thought this month has been March for some reason, old age ? I blame earthquake brain which is wearing thin or early onset of dementia. Or it could be Tom's 21st with it's ever expanding guest list, and the millions of things I have to do before Saturday. Will try for photo, fingers crossed. Love Aunty Bee.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An emotional day, although the orchestra murdered Elgar.

What a day the first anniversary of the most destructive earthquake, not the strongest but definitely the worse for loss of lives and buildings. 185 dead and 7,000 houses to be written off and replaced on safer ground, entire suburbs to be abandoned, of the CBD's 2800 buildings, 1200 are to be pulled down, they have cleared hundreds already.
Our beautiful candle.
A very kiwi service, low key and simple.
I wanted to show the gorgeous sunrises we have been having lately
A emotional day for us all, we watched the service on TV, it was lunchtime and we lit our new AJ's candle, the original was broken in the quake, and we had 2 minutes silence, though at our work that's almost silence, as one of our lady's spent the whole 2 minutes telling everyone to be quiet.
I shall tell you about other things that have happened because we are ok, and getting on with things. We get a little annoyed with the media, as we are living life so to speak, we go to work, we shop, we play sport, life goes on the only difference is as my friend said is we have felt real fear, which only other people who lived through this year have felt. Of course, we all thought there could  be another quake at 12.51 this afternoon, which does show a certain degree of paranoid thinking, a strange believe the Earth is out to get us. 
Here a some happy things.
12.30pm Sunday, kicking back, haven't felt the need to get dressed yet, and Dave loves me.
this is the  crochet blanket,  got heaps  to do till finished
To end, book sale, rubbish, absolute rubbish, got there at 9am. There was nothing there, ok not nothing I did pick up 2 Angela Thirkall's, 1 Vince Flynn, 1 Daniel Silva and an Alan Furst for Baz, all big print because that's what was left, I said most book sales keep books for the second day. She said we didn't this year because we only had 20,000 books to sell this year, my thoughts weren't nice, the old biddy probably got heaps for herself. I don't mind big print, means I don't have to wear my glasses to bed.
Love to all Aunt Bee. Think I spelt Thirkell wrong, too tired to go to the bedroom to check, but if you love her like I do you'll know who she is, if you don't, look her up, lovely books. PS. the title of the post, the orchestra played Nimrod, they were young and it was outdoors, so I forgive them, even if it's one of my favourites.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Keeping up to date, ok Watangi Day was a lovely holiday, the weather has been rubbish, first fine day today. The 4th was our 28th anniversary, went to Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Whatnot, that's what Barry called it, when buying our tickets. Loved it, though lots of people thought it too slow, yes James Bond and Bourne have a lot to answer for. It was set in 1973 and I arrived in Britain in 1977, there was a scene in a Wimpy bar, yesssssssssss a Wimpy bar, hands up if you loved a Wimpy burger, do they still exist?
Lots of changes at work and they seem to be working out, it means I am doing less caregiving, and more teaching, which is what I am trained to do.
Busy planning Tom's 21st, had a minor nervous breakdown but feeling more confident now as I have it all planned and organised. I used to do these things so easily years ago, but I haven't done any seriously large catering for years.
Miss Holly, I made it and the pattern was clear and doable
Zips glorious zips

Orange cake to celebrate Aj's unconditional offer for Teacher's  College
Had time to do Miss Holly's bobbly crochet, and I can say it turned out very well, now I want to make a cushion and a hot water bottle cover. The weather is terrible, first day of sunshine in two weeks, and horror of horrors have had the heater and electric blanket on, but today the line is full of washing and all is right with the world. Really love washing and hanging it out to dry in the beautiful sun, small pleasures amuse small minds they say.
Aj got his offer through for his Teaching (Primary) degree, he starts on Monday, and Tom will be back to finish his last year of Uni, Aj will have 5 full  days a week, were Tom could be all over the place, so hopefully they can car pool someday's.
Basil will be happy to wake up during the day without them around, and vice versa as he is very grumpy on awakening.
So that's it, have been crafting away will blog my efforts in a couple of days. Book fair on Saturday, I'm always excited by books for sale, have to get my elbows in training, nothing or no-one stands between me and cheap books.
Love to all Aunt Bee.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A tale of two mugs.

Last week Basil had a accident in the kitchen, the boys and I heard a yell and a crash. We raced to the kitchen and Basil was picking himself up from the floor, for some reason he had slipped over. Of course we were concerned for his welfare, and he was very apologetic, but he had broken some dishes.............dishes he said, no not dishes, my two Cath Kidston mugs, mugs given to me as presents, my two most favourite mugs in the world, one given to me by work, and the other given by my friend Chris for my birthday. Mugs that I loved more because people actually remembered that I loved CK and gave them to me, rather than the fact they were mugs.
 So many of my friends just aren't into my obsessions, but these friends got it. I know I'm  shallow and trivial but I was so upset at the loss of the mugs inside but outwardly showing concern for Basil's fall. I am such a bad wife I was torn between gnashing my teeth about my mugs and worrying about Basil, only Aj (perceptive boy) knew what I was really thinking.
The mugs with a tin I found at the market. Sorry taken at night.
So I saw two mugs at the market today and I bought them, nothing really CK about them, but I like them. Basil is feeling no ill effects from his fall, the boys say it's bound to happen now he's 60. After all the earthquakes we have had the lose of two CK mugs is nothing, and I promise to be a better wife and mother in the future,and whatever get's broken CK or not will not come before by duty to my family. That should make you all puke at my pathetic attempt to cover my real nature. Love Aunt Bee.