Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photos at last or last photos

garage roof, insurance will cover the cost
the sky before the storm
why didn't we put the cars away, there is no answer to that
Good afternoon, I sit here by the big window, looking out on pure sunshine, but still in vest, T.shirt and fluffy slippers. the weather is improving and I shall go out shortly and plant the 3 geraniums and 1 Christmas lily I bought yesterday. Now if there are to be photos they will be totally unconnected to this post. Aj has worked his computer magic and he got the photos up, down whatever loaded where they are I'm not sure, but here goes.
I found a wonderful shop, yesterday The Vintage Elephant, gorgeous stuff, a mixture of real and new vintage stuff, I couldn't help buy a few little things, some modern vintage Snap cards, some scraps, have no idea what I'll do with them, and some clown stickers ( I know I hate clowns, but their for Aj) a card with cats on, could have spent heaps but used up my allowance. There wasn't much left after the plants and wool I bought, but $20.00 can go along way if your frugal. Never thought I would say that. I haven't dared take any photos as I have no idea what Aj did to get them off the camera. 
We, the work gang went to a quiz night, we haven't been to many since the you know whats's (there was a 4.2 on Friday, which was nothing but it was a reminder). The quiz was at a school that some of the gang have a connection too, it was really great, the best questions in years and I say that even though we came joint 3rd, and I won a raffle this is news I never win anything. It was pick your prize and I was called early, grabbed a bag containing, tins of fruit, beans etc, honey, ginger kisses, yum, a sweet and sour sauce and various other stuff. I was thrilled, it's a sign of the times, free groceries make my day. Love Aunt Bee.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Excuses, excuses and a small fire.

Sorry, I have been trying to fix my camera, to no avail, alas. I would go buy a new one but life is a bit strained at the moment. Unfortunately my Dad is very ill, this is very stressful for all concerned so soon after my mum's death, he is battling on with the support of the Contessa and the Yorkshire Terrier. I am always making a large life change at this time, my timing is so sweet isn't it, and Aj is questioning his ability to be a good student teacher. Tom is about finished his degree and is wondering if a job in the supermarket is his only recourse, we told him for now it's fine, searching for the real job may take time. Then a parcel I posted to a fellow blogger in the land of OZ was returned a little worse for wear, note to self, write address in  permanent marker or it will smear and only find it's way back to you by pure luck.  Sorry Marina, it's on it's way with a new clearly written address. 
On the good side I have been crafting away, now the weather is warmer I am enjoying my room. Picked up Mollie Makes, Making (love this mag) and the second book hand shop had some old Anna craft mags, so I indulged, and,( so many and's, forgive me)  a whole pile of Georgette Heyers, Contessa and I both loved these books and I am determinded to acquire the lot. Ha,ha I am truly an obsessed person.
The Contessa sent me 4 cook books, Delia, Angela Harnet!!!!, sorry for any incorrect spelling, and Darina Allen not forgetting a Malouff cook book, again sorry if the spelling is ropey, to be honest spelling like maths isn't a strong suit. So I have been attempting new dishes all week, and except for the unfortunate incident of the saucepan, the potato pot and the small fire, me and the men are pleased with the results. The saucepan is in the garden, but the smell lingers on.........curses, how much spray does it take to neutralise the aroma of burnt saucepan handle? Answer on the back of a postcard please. Love to all Aunt Bee.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have attempted to post before, but I can't download any photo's from my camera, it's driving me nuts as I have so many things to show. I have been busy of late, so here goes, I have found two cute mugs (now here's were you need a good imagination) one a Russian doll and the other pretty butterflies and flowers from Spotlight. I found a lovely Royal Dalton fruity one and a cute strawberry dish at the market. 
We have, o.k. Basil has been doing sterling work in the garden, dahlias, white currents, potatoes, another rhubarb and numerous Hebe's have been planted and I bought 2 peonies this morning.
 The weather has been fabulous, really, between 18 and 22 most days this week, it really feels like Spring, but on Tuesday night we had the most amazing storm, so amazing was it our cars were outside and we couldn't put them away till the lightening stopped it was actually falling between the next door house and ours. The hail damaged the roof of my car and has shredded the roof of the garage, it was incredible but terrifying.
I went to the Craft Fair this morning, which I don't usually go to, but I did enjoy it, well I spent money, bought 3 pairs of wonderful knickers, some delicious soap, and some roasted seeds. As I was leaving a woman said where did you get that lovely fabric from..........argh it's undies I bought not actual fabric I said.............she was  embarrassed and I was wondering why I was discussing me new undies in public. I was very happy to leave before the gale forces winds hit, as this year it was in 2 very large tents. 
The match between AB and the Pumas has been halted due to loss of power, the weather is horrendous up there, just reminded me how freezing it was watching Aj play rugby, I miss those days.
Tom talked of coming home, yes the mere mention of that and the losing of my sewing room made me point out his non relationship relationship might suffer if he was to bring his non girlfriend home. He is staying at the flat for the time being..........yes Mother wins that battle.
I think I might have to buy a new camera, I can't be without a camera, it is in my bag everyday..........the joys of being a blogger.
Love Aunt Bee.