Friday, January 21, 2011

One week, the good, the quakes, and the weather.

OK where to begin, the weather has alternated between too hot and wet, and indeed hot and wet together, now it's settled on cool and wet with earthquakes. Yes the earth has moved numerous times in the last few days,
Thursday morning I had just turned the alarm off at 6am. and we were hit with a 5.1, she was a goody, rocking and rolling for what seemed like ages, close to the city and not deep, if you hear of earthquakes that are more than 20 kms deep, these are truly not real earthquakes to get the true meaning of a earthquake it needs to be shallow and close to your place. As indeed the quake in the morning at 11.10am which was just down the road from work was,  the clients screamed and cried, the staff gave the appearance of calm, but we were all rattled (attempt at humour).
They continued all day and I started humming the Crowded House song" Four Seasons in one Day", but I changed the words to "14 earthquakes in one day" as that was the count by then, try it yourself if you know the song it goes together well.Of course I couldn't get the song out of my head for the rest of the day. We did have an earthquake while I was in the car in the garage, as I left for work Thursday morning, what to do, I hear you say or not, by the time I wondered  a, do I get out of the car, it was moving and I didn't have the engine on or the brake off, or b, get out of the car and garage which was swaying and creaking or c, drive the car out of the garage, of course the quake had stopped before I had made up my mind. I bet your thinking I would like to be with her in a quake she knows what to do............
The better things of the week, went out for dinner at friends place 6 of us for a meal, yummy food , great company, and wine, but it was a Tuesday, I may have had a headache at work the next morning.
Got home on Wednesday to find Basil in the pouring torrential rain clearing the guttering, in shorts and T.shirt, I went down to the corner of our street to unblock the drain full of leaves as it was causing flooding, didn't make much difference but I felt I was doing a community service, soaked of course.
Started an Attic 24 crochet blanket, Lucy is the Queen of Colour and I can't claim to be even a Princess but I'm happy with it so far.
Basil clearing the guttering in a downpour.
Very large CK mug, it is very large, I think people buy things for me in relation to my size, its not always needed.
I'm using this for a face cream as my skin is so dry this summer, it's very nice , sweetly smelling ,like me.
That's about it included some more snaps of my Christmas CK haul, when I started blogging I knew about CK from the British bloggers and it was hard to find here, now it's everywhere and very expensive and everyone is buying it, I hate to say it and call me a snob or what ever, but I did like it when I was the only one who collected it.................yes I know I'm terrible but that's news of the week I'm a Great Aunt for the first time Ava Marie Nicholson born yesterday, lovely news but that makes me feel old. Love Aunt Bee, or Great Aunt Bee.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two posts in one day..........I so good to you all.

Leg one, the other was just as bad, they bled to 11.30am.
Aj's update, he has been enjoying his time off, watching TV all day, although he is in some pain, so there is some justice, as I don't want him to have too good a time of it. I'm back at work, oh dear there is nothing to say really, straight back into it, no rest for the wicked.  Thought I show you the hideous leg injury that occured on Friday morning, not as I told everyone at work, bitten by midges as walked through a field of gold,( thanks Sting), no I wore shorts to work and felt the need to shave my legs in the shower, a dangerous thing to do at any time not just when you are late for work and have to be out the door in 10 minutes. I'm am strangely comforted by the fact I'm still an idiot at nearly 55years of age, it makes me so glad that I'm not totally grown-up yet. Love to all. thinking of all those of you all over the world caught in weather extremes, hope all of you and those you love are o.k. Aunt Bee.

Saturday morning finds, I had to find these in extreme heat, what martyr I am

the scarf was so pretty I put it in twice, ok I'm useless

5 hand painted glasses, I really love them for some reason can't resist
very pretty scarf, my favourite colours
two retro sheets, quilt backing I think
I'm in love with Flosmaron, and I know nothing about it except it's beautiful
cute little jam dish
Gorgeous Alfred Meakin platter
A vase I bought yesterday

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A saga of a hand, an idiot and his mother, it's not pretty.

I'm back, I haven't posted because the tale of Aj's hand has been complicated and long and the darling computer is being naughty, must be male. Aj's hand , broken but not fixed till Wednesday the 5th as none of the teams in the hospital would take responsibility for him, the orthopaedic and the hand team were fighting over him, not that they wanted him, no they didn't. We had two apologies from doctors in the hospital as Aj had spent over 12 hours A&E without anyone taking him on, this is some sort of record apparently. They sent him home on NYD, although he needed an operation, and said they would be in touch later that day, no they didn't, rang the next morning to say so sorry but we are still working things out, rang Monday with a apptt. time for a CT scan that morning, so we shot in and Aj had the scan and we went to ortho outpatients for a apptt. Wednesday. Hospitals are really quite creepy when its a public holiday, nothing open and a skeleton staff, Aj said as we walked down a empty corridor "Just like a horror movie", I didn't need to hear that, I was in a living nightmare with the boy's hand as it was. When we got to the outpatients Aj was greeted with" Oh the famous Aj", not because of his stupidity with his hand, but the fact he still hadn't been seen by anyone. Wednesday at outpatients we waited with at least 60 people and it wont amaze you to hear that most of the people requiring treatment were male, 99% I thought and 1% old people from rest homes who had had a fall. Anyway Aj was taken in quickly, hand still in plaster, and they asked if he had had anything to eat or drink, no he hadn't and they processed him there and then and he had a operation on his hand that afternoon. Picked him up on Thursday and he's living the life of Riley here at home, it's amazing how many times that hand has been used as an excuse for not doing anything. As you can imagine I'm knackered and a little stressed, and I start work on Monday, tomorrow...............fill in the blank yourself, I feel aggrieved my holiday has been ruined by the idiot. Yes I love him dearly but he is a idiot or not as completely as on Friday he received an acceptance from a Uni for this year.So he's shocked and we are happy, I feel the trauma he will have to face trying to set up his student loan and allowance is punishment enough for the pain he has caused me.I have much to tell you but the computer isn't playing nice so I'll finish until it starts working better, I received more CK over the holidays which was very nice, Love Aunt Bee.You might have notice Basil had no part in the proceedings, well no I am the mother aren't I.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, but mine has gone to plan

A quick post I hope everyone had a great New Year, we had two parties to go to the "men" were out, and we had a great time. Got home at 1.00am had a catch up with Tom and then to bed, Aj rang at 3am to say he had a broken hand. I wont go in to detail as I'm still cross, but it is a story familiar to other parents of teenagers. I have spent most of New Year in hospital, and we are still on standby to go back in for a CT scan and Wednesday or Thursday are penciled in for surgery. There has been added stress as hospital politics meant AJ was in A&E for over 12 hours waiting for someone to take responsiblility for his treatment...........I refuse to let this be a sign of another bad year, instead hopefully Aj is going to take this incident and make some changes to his thought or lack of thought patterns. Ironically he had applied for Uni that very morning. At least I thought as I sat in A&E, with children/teenagers life is never boring, stressful, yes, boring, no. Love Aunt Bee.

A little bit of Christmas passed.

2 CK books but they came as one, how good is that.
My CK covered hanger.

Cherry jam made on Boxing Day, was I insane probably it was 31c.
Even Big Ted is over Christmas
KC hits NZ, but it is expensive.