Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Excuses, excuses and a small fire.

Sorry, I have been trying to fix my camera, to no avail, alas. I would go buy a new one but life is a bit strained at the moment. Unfortunately my Dad is very ill, this is very stressful for all concerned so soon after my mum's death, he is battling on with the support of the Contessa and the Yorkshire Terrier. I am always making a large life change at this time, my timing is so sweet isn't it, and Aj is questioning his ability to be a good student teacher. Tom is about finished his degree and is wondering if a job in the supermarket is his only recourse, we told him for now it's fine, searching for the real job may take time. Then a parcel I posted to a fellow blogger in the land of OZ was returned a little worse for wear, note to self, write address in  permanent marker or it will smear and only find it's way back to you by pure luck.  Sorry Marina, it's on it's way with a new clearly written address. 
On the good side I have been crafting away, now the weather is warmer I am enjoying my room. Picked up Mollie Makes, Making (love this mag) and the second book hand shop had some old Anna craft mags, so I indulged, and,( so many and's, forgive me)  a whole pile of Georgette Heyers, Contessa and I both loved these books and I am determinded to acquire the lot. Ha,ha I am truly an obsessed person.
The Contessa sent me 4 cook books, Delia, Angela Harnet!!!!, sorry for any incorrect spelling, and Darina Allen not forgetting a Malouff cook book, again sorry if the spelling is ropey, to be honest spelling like maths isn't a strong suit. So I have been attempting new dishes all week, and except for the unfortunate incident of the saucepan, the potato pot and the small fire, me and the men are pleased with the results. The saucepan is in the garden, but the smell lingers on.........curses, how much spray does it take to neutralise the aroma of burnt saucepan handle? Answer on the back of a postcard please. Love to all Aunt Bee.


  1. sounds like you have been under the pump a bit. Don't stress about the parcel I did the same thing in a swap once with a Hungarian blogger. I was so worried it had been lost, it just came home again and was sent back on its way.
    Hope the burnt handle smell goes away!

  2. Life sounds a bit stressed where you are, it is like waves isn't it, as soon as you think Oh things are tootling along OK for now, the Gods decide otherwise and tangle everything up. I hope Georgette Heyer lightens the day.

  3. So it doesn't rain but it pours! Hope your Dad is OK, and that the road is getting a little less bumpy for you. I had a package to Aus return to me a while back. I thought the miracle was that it indeed did make it back to me - figured it would have just ended up in the lost parcel heaven if they couldn't deliver it!