Saturday, December 15, 2012

No photos in this post, but the mystery is solved. I tried to download some photos on the new laptop, still typing with two fingers, when Sherlock aka Aj said "oh that's not good, its coming up fat", what!!! well the card in the camera was his gaming card, what!!!, that's me saying what!!!.I did not do this but it explains the problem trying to download. So I need to get a new memory card. So it's good to know.
Went out for to buy a leg of Lamb for dinner, it's cooking as I type, new potatoes and salad,(sorry about giving you the whole menu) when we saw that an old "destroyed in the earthquakes pub" had reopened not far from us, it would have been rude not to go in, we sat outside and Basil enjoyed a Kilkenny and me a lemonade, no a real lemonade, I was driving. We had some prawns for nibbles, lovely, such a gorgeous day.
Work "do" on Thursday night, solo of course,as Baz was working, it was dinner and a show, Downton shabby, two guys playing 6 parts ha,ha, very funny till the "maid" yells at you" leave me alone you leso," so my new nickname is Les, oh great.
The new oven is wonderful but very fast, I have to be very alert and my not inconsiderable nose must be sniffing the air for burning. The dishwasher is so good, by hands are returning to their former glory, no that's a lie I have the hands of peasant. Sorry not a peasant, a hard worker.
Went to the market, picked up some books, including some old Beatrix Potters, a poetry book, GM Hopkins,and a David Bladacci, a large charger, very old, with a 
Christmas theme, some yellow roses, and some plants or the garden, didn't even spend $20.00. I love the market and I have missed it.
The best news this week is I am once again a great aunt, my other nephew and his partner had a son.Dad is thrilled his second great grandchild, my brother is over the moon, a grandfather at 64, we are slow breeders, it's the quality we go for, as my two are the youngest grandchildren I have told them I'm not in a hurry to be a grandmother.
I don't usually comment on news, but the events in Sandy Hook are horrendous, what can we do so far away but pray and send our thoughts to the families of all the victims.
Love Bee.


  1. What a wonderful post....You are a wonderful writer and it is a joy to read what you have to write!!! We have no snow as yet ...maybe maybe maybe on christmas are planting hard to imagine...
    As for Sandy is just husband and I were just saying the world must think our country has gone mad...but really most people do not want this kind of world...most of the people in our country are really good people...
    it is not that far away from us...only a few hours drive...My heart is just broken for these families....I am trying to think of things to do for these poor souls....There is one little girl who loved horses and My husband and I are going to sponsor a horse at a horse rescue for her is something anyway...
    there was one little boy who wanted to be a fireman when he grew up and all the firemen from miles around stood lined up on the road in his honor at his funeral....those are the things that I love about our people...really all the worlds people...except the bad guys.....
    Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!!xxxx