Sunday, August 1, 2010

lost camera, bowl and plate oh and a new car, not much happening really.

A very quick blog, did one the other day, it's lost in cyber space so maddening. Can't find the camera..........yikes it's going form bad to worse.............bought a new car and a italian bowl and a plate....and a new car did I mention that not new new but nice and economical, and it will all have to wait till I find the camera or indeed the lost post...........Above photo from party, after party actually, I did put up the Christmas lights and they looked lovely, note roll of paper towel clean-up in action. Think I need to find camera and get myself organised, went to the market after beach walk and bought said large bowl I am imagining summer salads in it already, 19c today but snow and bad weather on the horizon, and a nice place which I presume is June of a year set of 12 if you know what I mean, old and made by J&G Meakin I think. To lazy to go check in cupboard. Angus played rugby on the weekend very sore today not as bad as one of the opposition who broke a leg, ouch, but in true NZ style we left in the field and moved to another field to finish the game he stayed on the other field to an ambulance came and picked him up, there were people with him throughout, but we bred them tough in Christchurch.

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