Monday, July 26, 2010

A rave at Aunt Bee''s House, well not quite.

We had a wonderful mid winter christmas party on Saturday night. I was caught having a glass of wine in the kitchen. The  men of the family watch the rugby  Aussies vs Springboks after everyone had gone. Clean-up was a long slow process on Sunday with timeouts for cups of tea and coffee. As usual to much food but as we noted it  all got consumed well nearly all the birds got some nice mid winter treats on Sunday morning.If any out there reads this, we have just had the final Dr Who episode, I have been disappointed this series the Dr I can live with but Amy Pond and Ryan are awful, and the sooner Riversong is lost in cyber space, any thoughts from anyone would be welcome we are very divided in our house so let me know. Washing machine went on the blink yesterday, $69.00 call out fee today and I came home and have fixed it myself , I hope it lasts . Love all Aunt Bee. Off to watch New Trickslove that show.

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