Friday, August 20, 2010

My horrorscope was right.

I have cut mad drumming woman out of the photo.No not the mad drumming woman's me. Wearing new wind, and rain proof jacket and but it was  not insulated so I was cold with only a short sleeve top on underneath.Then this little piggy went to market, it was freezing but I got 4 books and a "Judy" mag, wooden salad servers(these were free), dozen free range eggs, and 2 lovely square pillow cases still in there packet. And I left a few things that I now regret leaving but that's a truth of thrifting you always kick yourself later for not getting something. Marshmallow slice for the boys, and possibly me.
My afternoon at work yesterday was difficult, not to go into to many details but it involved 3 pairs of rubber gloves, a bucket of boiling water, cleaning supplies and a cast iron stomach. When we got a chance to sit down I perused the paper and my horrorscope said I would have a stressful day and it was and when I got home the day continued as before.I shan't go into details but this time it involves a car, a garage, a hole and an insurance company. I took myself down to te beach this morning were accompanied by a woman playing a American Indian drum and chanting I did my constitutional. I realise this post is not in any real order but it so fits my mind at the moment.  So I shall await the insurance company's call Monday and pray my horrorscope is more positive in the future.  I'm an Aries, so I get over things quickly................ Love Aunt Bee.

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  1. Looks cold!

    Free range eggs...lovely - scrambled, boiled, poached or fried?