Friday, August 6, 2010

Photos of the last post's goodies.

Yellow tupperware container, which has a still visible mark of "Plain Flour" which someone tried to rub out, never a good thing on plastic. I know it's so retro and retro in my lifetime, yikes. I remember the endless Tuppperware parties you were invited to by your friends and feeling you had to buy something, although it was so expensive, I got some satisfaction in paying $4.oo for this and ironically it is for :plain flour".Lovely Italian bowl, which instantly made me think of salads in the summer, I could see a pasta, chicken and walnut salad in here, which is why I bought it on a particularly cold Saturday morning.Here's the plate for "June", it's so pretty. I will probably never see the rest of the year in plates and in truth she should be wearing a warm coat and have a stout umbrella for a NZ June but it's lovely.My new car, I love Alto's I have had one before and they are economical and great for around town, not so good for the "Beastie Brothers", althought they have been driving in it and find it easy to drive although their legs meet the steering wheel. A colleague, Shiraz started calling it "Rachel",  she stopped when she saw my look of horror on my face, I don't tend to name cars, we did when the boys were young but not now.  Although I have started calling her Robin in my head ,I'm not advertising the fact, "Rachel " !, I had an instant picture of Rachel Hunter in my head enough said don't you think. Love Aunt Bee, snow down to low levels tomorrow, that snow day is looking good.

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  1. Your yellow tupperware containter is just like the ones I found the other week at the carboot! I blogged about them as well. LOL

    The plate for June is really lovely.