Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dave always finds quilts to sit on especially ones that are unfinished and this is awaiting me to machine quilt tomorrow. I'm not so great at machine quilting but I've bought some lovely threads and I'm planning a day off sewing Sunday. This strange creature was on the beach this morning, it has had a lot of work put into it as it is nailed and screwed together, it's very good if a little strange, reminds me of the movie " Last of the Mochians", when Mel, gorgeous Mochain, his father and the two girls had to hide out from baddies in the Indian graveyard . I still remember that movie and would put it in my 10 best movies or perhaps 10 movies that I can't forget. Here's a closer shot does it look like anyone you know ?.........I'm not saying, but there is something about the eyes that remind me of someone.
Market finds, great bag, liz claibourne, but a fake at $10.00 I shouldn't wonder, but it's just the ticket for work. 2 books, one a Maud Silver by Patricia Wentworth I plead ignorance I have never heard of Miss Silver and I'm now on the hunt for more. A John Creasy, one in the Toff series and for Tom a Stephen King , in the Dark Tower series. And last but not least a large pot without a lid, perfect for the summers jam making, on that note of warmer weather, put 4 loads of washing out on the line and nearly all of it was dry this happy, and so weird to love washing. Evening to be spent with Aj and Basil watching our beloved Poriot we think it's one we haven't seen or own..........and I thought we had seen or owned all of them..............Aunt Bee. Oh your wondering why the seagulls, well the poor seagull down on the outfall thingy was continually hit by waves as the one on the post suveyed the world, must be the pecking order they talk about.

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