Saturday, August 14, 2010

End of a Era or last day of rugby.

This is the boy, note as he says the "Pattison" effect hair style, no not really, Twilight is the butt of many jokes in our family. But Ajs thick hair, that I would love to have myself, lends itself to much teasing from the rest of us. 
Saturday was the last day Aj would play rugby for his school, in fact it was the last rugby day for most of the team as they are Yr. 13 with only 3 Yr. 12's. I was the only mother who bought a camera with a working battery so I took photos for everyone. The boys did their "oh no," thing but happily posed in the end. For the most part they have played together for the last 5 years. The end of an era, mock exams start on Monday, Leavers Ball at the end of September, and the end to the school year is early November. We will have finished with schooling for out two then and it has come around so quick. A sadly reflective Aunt Bee over and out.

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  1. It certainly does come round quickly doesn't it? How fast they grow, seems like only yesterday they were babes in arms.