Friday, April 2, 2010

Ding, dong the tree is gone and a new arrival.

The tree is gone and there is light, we can't believe the difference it has made even the "men" noticed and said how big the back yard looks now. The contractor a former workmate of Basils, arrived Thursday just as I arrived back from work, it was all done in 1 hour, and although Basil had said cut to the fence I thought no it needs to go all the way down. The real difference will be in the winter time when before we got no morning sun and next spring when we plant more veges in the space behind the trellis. Let me introduce you to Pookie Maximus, I won him in a raffle and collected him on Thursday, he came with a white chocolate Easter egg which has gone of course. It is a tradition that all teddy bears in this house are called Pookie so that is why he is called Pookie Maximus as Pookie the 12th didn't really suit him, he really is a large bear.He lives on our bed for now, Basil isn't too fond of him so he has been found in the wardrobe and the linen hamper, was kidnapped for awhile but ransomed with chocolate so he stay's with me till he is given due respect by the "men" of the family, of course Aj loves him, that boy is a big softie. Have a lovely Easter, and enjoy spending time with family, eating good food and chocolate.Aunt Bee.

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  1. That is one incredible win. I've uploaded all my photos to a site:
    I'll keep updating them all there as I can't possibly fit them all into my blog