Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A quilt on the way to being finished.....how many years ago did you start it Aunt Bee.

A little shaming goes along way. I have sandwiched the quilt, batting found in the garage, and  a sheet bought scheap on sale years ago, I always buy sheets when I see them cheap as they are the only things I use for quilt backings. Hours on me knees in lounge with some help from Aj, but resolve to do this on a Saturday morning when the men are at work. I'm pleased with the progress and am thinking about the actual quilting a mixture of hand and machine I think. After a trying week we have found out  Basil's not got anything" nasty in the woodpile" so to speak, but tests are on going to find out why his kidneys aren't working as they should, he's doing some tests this week and I have some unusal containers in my fridge, say no more. 

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