Saturday, April 24, 2010

Autumn Saturday morning, at the beach, and the market.

basket bought at a market this morningladybird, ladybird fly to my home2 older copies of Country LivingAt last Autumn weather , rain, lovely, it started while I was at the market and everyone hurriedly packed up to go and I was going to go myself but went back for the cane basket as I knew if I didn't get it I be kicking myself later.  The books and mags picked up for $4.00 including a" Abbey girls" book and Alison Holst muffin recipe book not shown.  I got them at my favourite second hand book shop.They had heaps of "Abbey" books in and I just bought one, I'm always looking for Noel Streatfield, but they rarely have  them . Not a bad day considering the beach was freezing this morning but walked further than ever before. I think I have my beach Autumn shot so I'm a happy camper. Love Aunt Bee.

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