Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why I left work in a hurry and left my soup in the staff fridge.

This for Basil because he loves cats and because he is sick, I hesitate to say sick again, but he did have the flu injection two weeks ago and of course he got sick. My sister thinks I'm crazy but I maintain that Basil always gets sick after he has his flu vaccine. He came home from work last friday night feeling very poorly and took to his bed or our bed, unfortunately he took a turn for the worse and I had to rush home from work Wednesday, ( this was particularly distressing for me as I had just heated up my soup for lunch), cut a long story short he's off work till sometime next week and he needs more tests as they think there is something wrong with his kidneys.  I'm sure he'll be fine, he's a tough old codger, old as in older than me by 5 years. Aj has worked for a week and half these holidays, at a real job and real hours, 7.30 to 5.00pm, I get to drop him off and then go on to work which makes me 1 hour early, so I grab the newspaper till someone comes and unlocks the door, the boss has had 3 free hours out of me this week. I'm having tomorrow off as it's my birthday not something I do often but there is a great big book sale on tomorrow so Tom and I are going hoping to get some good books, craft, sewing, and crime for me and history and classics as in the Greek and Romans for him, if I'm good he's taking me out for lunch. Aj is moaning that he isn't off too, not that he would have gone with us, he said going to a book sale is like inviting Superman to a Krytonite party. This working experience has been good for him, he now knows alot about customer service, he works at a large building supply company, he has learnt not everyone is honest, he learnt that not all your workmates pull their weight and that the new boy gets all the rubbish jobs, on the plus side he has learnt that customers can be funny and friendly, that some of the people you work with can have great senses of humour and don't mind helping out the young guy and he found out he never wants to do this job full-time when he leaves school. And he's learnt having money is great. For Autumn the weather has been nuts 27C and 26C today, enough already!  bring on the wind, the cold and the rain.......the leaves are falling but it is warm at night we have had the windows open to try and get some fresh air. Thats it for now hoping to go Op shopping if I have some money over from the book fair, haven't told Tom that yet........Love to all Aunt Bee.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words.

    Good luck at the book sale!