Friday, March 26, 2010

Two posts in one day but this deserves to have a post of its own.

This post is all about La Boutique a shop here in Christchurch.    It not large, but it is perfectly formed, it is boutiful and beautiful, so here it is in all its loveliness. A small table for drinking your coffee, yes they do coffee and Basil says a very good cup of coffee, I don't drink coffee myself, I'm a cuppa tea girl. Love this display, I do love ladders used in this way.There is a nice (sorry about nice but trying not to say lovely too much) selection of "baby things" which are orginal and different.Aunt Bee started making a birthday list at this stage, hope springs eternal in her breast that she might get something from this" jewel" of a shop for her approaching big day.I love errings sometimes wish I'd more ears,  just joking with you, the idea would be to get more holes in my ears but I tend to look strange enough, without multiple dangly errings drooping by ears to elephant size, would have to be dangly errings as I don't do modest, discreet errings, how unlike me.

I shall give you the address, Rose is the lovely owner, and the shop can be found at:
                                                163c Cranford Street
                                                 St Albans
                                                 New Zealand

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