Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bee Arty Farty

Angus's birthday present for me.I just found this what do you think, a) is the top one b) is this one, it has potential, all these photos taken on same beach between 8am and 8.30am.
I am trying, very, some people would say, trying to take 4 photos of the beach through the year which represents the 4 seasons. Summer was easy, but this is the best so far of Autumn this is becos it has been so hot during the day, 27 yesterday and 24 today, this is Autumn not Summer so I haven't got the Autumn fell to the beach yet. Never thought I would get so obsessed with photos but I blame blogging. Will continue to June then will go to Winter mode just hope the weather goes with me.  Spent the afternoon at the hospital waithing for Basil's CT scan, we will hear hopefully on Monday, which is great because it's not knowing that is the stressful part.  I am planning to take myself to a market tomorrow hopefully for some goodies, I live in hope..........Aunt Bee  Sorry about the lollies turning up there, but sometimes I get it right and more often I don't, Tom gave me 2 Cherry Ripes no evidence remains of their existence, I don't share mainly becos I seem to be the only person who likes them, (another thing from OZ that is great, hope the makers of Cherry Ripes reads this and sends me a years supply, I can dream can't I.

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