Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm in love with two men. Yikes I bet you want to read on now.

What lovely lads.
I'm in love with the "Hairy Bikers", Si and Dave and I'm not sure which is which but it doesn't matter because I love them both. I love the tour around Britain and  I especially love the Mother knows best shows which are showing now on Sky. They make me laugh, they make me want to try dishes I didn't know I wanted even to try, I shall be making Somerset Chicken tomorrow night for dinner. I love cooking shows, but their are some I don't watch and to save hurt feelings I'll not mention them, but there is nothing like putting your feet up with a cuppa to watch someone else cook. Basil cooked dinner twice this week, I don't know what it means either but it was unusual and both meals were delicious so I'm hoping it continues.
This quilt top which I show in its UFO state,it is to be my "I must finish my UFOs before the end of the year, first quilt". It stretches my weak brain to far to remember when I actually started it, but it was while I attended my quilt group so therefore before full-time work, therefore at least 5 years ago, so" I've started therefore I'll finish",  ten points if you recognize that quote. Now my thinking is, if I show the quilt to you I'll be honour bound to finish it as soon as possible or be humilated by my own laziness or sloth like behaviour that you will know about. Yes I'm dubious too, but this is only one of a pile of quilt tops to be batted so to speak and quilted. Some thing must be done and with the weather turning, it is time to be productive. Watch this space.........not to closely I hope but I will make a start tomorrow, which as Annie said is only a day away..........Love to all Aunt Bee.

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