Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time passes fast, but not Tom's driving speed.

Aj dressed up for him, going out Saturday night to be a barman at a wedding, he did very well, and behaved himself as I had spies everywhere that night. He met up with lots of people he knew including his old babysitter who is now in the Air Force. Aj was amazed how grown-up he was and mature, C is now 24 and Aj nearly 18, so it was funny to hear his shock at how quickly time moves us all on.  It has been a bit stressful this week as we wait for Basil to have a CT scan, the appt, came through last night, so I'll have Friday afternoon off to take him to the hospital, it's all a bit nerve racking, but we need to know what's going on.  MM a friend, left for Israel on Saturday, and returned to work yesterday, what was intended to be a 4 week holiday ended in 3 night stay in Changi airport, there was no alternative but to come back home and then she thought it's such a waste of holiday to stay at home so I'll come back to work.We all felt so bad for her, but she said they'll try to go next year. The weather is weird, I can't live with 24c in Autumn it isn't natural, I'm giving the weather a week to get it's self sorted or I'll to sort it.(how) I haven't a clue but I'm not happy.  Giving Tom driving lessons the very thing I said I wouldn't, not a good thing after work in rush hour, no fast speeding for this teenager, if he gets faster than 20 I haven't seen it. I will continue as long as my nerves can stand it, then pass him over to a professional.  Aj went to the dentist, not happy lad but there is always a price to pay for years of pretending to brush your teeth instead of actually doing it. He gets a full pay today, I shall await with interest what he does with it, he might go for his learners, I hope not trying to teach the two of them to drive would be the undoing of me. Yikes it's nearly 7am. off to work I go. Aunty Bee.

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  1. I heard the temperatures were still high!

    Good luck with teaching your son to drive. My 18 year old has his test in a couple of weeks.