Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can a Christmas Cake have to much brandy?

This is a sad photo this is all the CK I own and one ring in which I bought at the supermarket because I thought it would go with my CK. Now this the story, CK has as far as I know no shop here and I found these mugs in a home shop in the mall, they cost me $9.95 each on sale, which I think works out to over 3 English pounds each, I'm not sure what they cost in England, but as you can see I bought 4 and 2 for my friend Chris. I love them but no-one shares my passion, so these are for those that like CK or pretty repro vintage things and for me to look at and drink my morning tea in everyday before going to work. Photo is terrible I know, will have to dobetter next time.
Yes can a Christmas Cake have to much brandy? a question much on my mind.Yesterday got AJ to feed  the cake, and I wondered as I said can you smell that AJ it is definitely smelling yummy, yummy or just boozy, should I not feed it next week or should I, should I take it to a AA meeting because it is looking a bit soozled. Answers to this question,  would be appreciated.  There was a craft/vintage market today where I not sure, possibly where it was last time but I didn''t go,  Basil and I went for a walk after watching the All Blacks beat the French. I thought about taking photos as it was a 6km walk but walking down the Main North Rd to the over-bridge isn't that interesting, so when walking  down the other way might take some photos of paddocks and horses and sheep and a lot of traffic as though  its through the green belt it is a very busy road. Bye for now Auny Bee.

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