Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vntage Market

Stall at Vintage Fair
The fair/market was held at a private house in an old working class part of town. If you want people to know where your going you usually say near the glue factory and everyone knows where you are. So I met Larissa at Chris's (friends) and Larissa had a suprise for us both which I can't divulge at this time, but I can say I shall be or we shall  be having a very very boozy Chrismas Cake.(Note I used capitals for the cake) enough said.
So after the division of spoils, we left for the market, in Woolston, I had of course googled a map and was confident where to go with Larissa following in her mini. Well the map didn't quite show the sharp turn we had to make to get on to Connal St. but we both made it ok. Jensen would have been proud of me. We got a park and this is a area which has some old houses (old in NZ sense not a Northern hemisphere sense) and some empty sections and new industrial buildings, we followed a stream of people and behind a lage hedge was a delightful old small villa. There were at least 9 stalls, one selling vintage clothes( not in my size of course, ) but someone with a great eye had put together a great selection. Two lovely ladies selling aprons (photo to come) when computer behaves, various odds and sods and a young girl selling errings, brooches and hair thingies. The house was open and every room had a amazing collection of things, everything you can think of that's old and interesting plus some refashioned things. No photos here it was to crowded, and you would have only seen a collection of fellow vintage fans(people fans I mean) not any articles. Now Larissa and I were tempted by some fabric, but it was too expensive I know hard to belive that I actually put fabric back when told of the price, but I did and so did Larissa. We made our way to the kitchen and they had glass lemon squeezers for $12.00 and both Chris and I thought  our plastic ones at home were looking more attractive by the minute. So what did I buy, well I didn't buy the flour shaker thing which still had flour in it, I don't think it was for sale but  it didn't have a red dot on it. I did buy a tray vaguely oriental in design I have a thing for willow pattern and it many variations. One table cloth with roses on it, which the seller said she liked so much she wanted to keep it herself, which obviously precluded her washing it, as it was dirty. A pair of button errings by Lauren who can be found at and at pillow case (I know,I know but it won't be a pillow case in it's next life). And that was it, I have more photos which will post later. We did have a look at a homeware shop in Ferrymead but it was a quick look although I did get a good idea there, which I am thinking about making will let you in on it later, but I had to collect the boy. Tom, at  Uni as he had just sat his second exam. Stress oh stress, the exams are nearly over, one more to go on Monday and then AJ starts his NCEA, why is it the parents could sit the exams with all they have learned over the year but it's up to the children who went to school or Uni and learnt nothing who sit  them. If you look at the photo at the top you will see a willow pattern tin and you'll think why didn't she buy that, well I'll tell you, 2 weeks ago while foraging I found a tin similar but darker blue, I bought it, it was dirty I put it in the dishwasher, I took it out of the dishwasher it was very, very clean and had no pattern left on it, I can't bring myself to tell how much that shiny old tin that is the back of the cupboard cost me so we'll say no more. Hope to tell about the Stash/Rehash being held on Sunday.

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