Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Cake made.

In here we have 1kg of mixed fruit bought from supermarket in a bag. Almonds and walnuts chopped =100gms, and 1/2 cup of crushed pineapple, plus one large splosh of brandy and I mean large. Placed in fridge overnight.Pan prepared to go, usual way, springpan tin.Creamed the sugar 125gms of white and  125gms of brown with 225gms of butter, yes it was at room temperture, beat  in 4 eggs, mine were free range (Hugh is right), Then the flours, 225gms plain and strangely 50gms of self-raising, then fruit, well liquid fruit.Looking good, time for the secret ingredient.Blackcurrent jam, tbsp 1, only I might have put more in, but that's me.You can see the blackcurrent jam in there, it's looking good, sounds like I know what I'm doing but have never made this recipe before, usually make Doris Goody's recipe given to me by Judy, a friend from when we both lived a Prison Village along time ago.Yes it's looking good .In at 2pm out at 5.30pm.You beautiful cake and you smell delicious do you want another drink of brandy, yes? Well o.k. just a little. Please note I am becoming my mother who didn't drink but made the most yummy, boozy, cakes and puds.Bugger, dishes never my favourite thing to do, ask my sister Tess, and of course  the dishwasher is ill again, no not Bas, the real dishwasher, the machine. Probably will not be doing quite as many posts, my wonderful holiday is over and back to work tomorrow. Aunt Bee

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