Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The weather is terrible.

Although I have named this Post the weather is terrible I will say no more about it as it is upsetting. A woman in Bunnings said that as we have had spring and a short bit of warm weather then it is obvious we have gone straight to Autumn, she said it was her fault as she had put summer sheets on her beds, so it nice to have someone else share the blame. The crochet squares on the lounge floor, not the best place for a photo, I committed the knitters/crocheters cardinal sin didn't buy enough wool and now there is none left and I traipsed all over town looking for bright, bright,colours and found none. I have made more than these here , and I had a brain wave as what to do with them , watch this space. Birdys and christmas decorations made up during the year out of old bits of felt, sequins and buttons. Last photo is AJ on stage after receiving two awards at prize giving, he actually received 2 awards but didn't mention it till this morning. He did his entrance for the" Terries", got told he wouldn't get called up to July 2010, but they rang him yesterday to say he could go in Jan/Feb, this would mean losing 7/8 weeks of the Term 1 next year, so he's decided not to go in then as he doesn't want to miss anything of his Year 13 as it will be to hard to catchup, in fact he would miss most of Term 1, that's if the Rector  had allowed him the time off anyway. I have got him spray painting cane baskets at the moment, trying to distract from his first exam tomorrow, o.k. I'm using him as my slave but what he doesn't know wont hurt him. Aunt Bee

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