Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Found this wonderful Lorna Hill book last week, I love her books along with Noel Streatfield, they are among my favourites. When I  was young, in the day as the Beastie Brothers would say I went to Mrs Thompson for Elocution lessons which I hated, for the reason I was so shy and nervous, hard to believe, but Mrs Thompson was a wonderful woman with a house full of books which she would lend to me, for that I,ll be always grateful. Actually I'm very comfortable with public speaking which is why I always had to do the talking and explaining to government people and overseas visitors when I worked at a large institution many years ago, also why people ask me to do eulogies or say something at funerals. In fact did a eulogy for a wonderful friend and I man came up to me and said I don't know you (true) but when I die I want you to do my eulogy, yes well I could see some obvious problems with that, so I smiled and ran for a cuppa tea. Even I after reading wot I have wrote I can see that I do waffle even when typing, note to self, mind the amount of waffle. The lovely and clever Robin which I remember from childhood, I love the illustrations as much as the stories. It is a beautiful evening only AJ and I are home, I have been to the weekly torture session a Basix Step class at QE11,( a sports complex), please note I don't spell Basix  this way it is a sign of the times that even the most basic words are spelt wrong. ( I little joke there if you haven't noticed). The birds are singing, the wind is blowing gently through the trees and my veges are calling water, water, so cheerio for now Aunt Bee.

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  1. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog - good to hear from another NZ'er! My husband and I love Christchurch and very nearly moved there after our last trip to NZ in 2005, but unfortunately life and the boys schooling got in the way.