Friday, November 13, 2009

The Topp Twins and the beach walk.

Up close and personal with Camp Mother and Camp Leader at the Show, Camp Mother went off the stage to look for victims, goodlooking young men and unsuspecting foreigners. They said when they go overseas that they tell everyone that everyone in NZ is just like them. Nervous titters from crowd on hearing that statement.Down on the beach this morning, told AJ we would go for a run as we need the exercise, he has a entrance test for" the terries:, on Monday morning which includes a 2.4km run. I of course didn't need to run a good brisk walk is just as good or so my sister Tess says. View of return walk, light colured speck in middle of the picture is the Waimari Beach Club,  where we parked the car. You would think AJ would be pleased his mother got him up at 8.30am for exercise in the fresh air, but when I said, " we'll do this every morning I'm off this week," he said" love to Mum but I think every other day is fine."

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