Thursday, November 12, 2009

A quick note to say why I didn't comment on last weeks Stash/Rehash, can't even tell you what it was like second hand. Got up and went to Edgeware Rd, thought there's no car parks, oh there's heaps of people here, oops. Found a park went to the hall and there was a long line of women from the door of the hall down the side, around the front, down the other side and on to the pavement. What to do, get in line, no I had no sunscreen and no hat so I decided I couldn't stand there for what would be at least 20 minutes, so I left thinking maybe God was telling I didn't need anymore stuff........abit of a joke between God and I, so can't tell you anything......but I'm hearten to see so many people there ( women ), as that's got to be a good sign for the continuation of  sewing, knitting and assorted crafts. On a different note I have taken up the hook so to speak the crochet hook, making squares with very bright wool, just a experiment as I haven't done any crochet for at least 25 years or more. I don't know if anything will come of it or if it's worthy of a photo we shall see. As I,m having a weeks holiday starting today, as tomorrow is a holiday in Canterbury, it's our anniversary day also known as Show Day, I went to the show, think Agricultural Show, animals, machinery, cars, tractors.......sheep shearing, dog trials, fun fair, farm animal competition you know whose prettiest, etc.Always a good day but I've a little sunburn and  so tired so early night is called for. Photo of cute minature Highland cattle, boy or girl possibly either didn't want to lift up anything for a closer look.   Aunt Bee

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