Sunday, March 27, 2011

A quite weekend, if you don't count the road of ruin and the checkpoint.

Sunday morning sunrise
Red/pink sky in the morning, bloody great storm in the evening
The Contessa sent these books to Tom for his Greek studies, looks like light reading.
This mag can be hard to find, so you have to BUY it when you see it. don't you.
thinking of making myself one of these.
I had a wonderful weekend doing nothing, which I find is needed sometimes, there is real pleasure in doing nothing. Took Aj to work Saturday and when I picked him up he said he really could do with drink. Did I cross the bridge to New Brighton, it is the one I showed you a few posts ago? Yes I did, did I hear that voice saying maybe this isn't a good idea......yes I did and did I ignore it? Of course, we stopped for a drink and then went down Beach Rd, it's not to bad I said.............oh Lord it was terrible from the carpark down to my beach carpark, the road was a mess and we saw houses that had just split in two and collapsed inwards..........went around the corner and I knew I'd made a big mistake, I got off that road and got on to a slightly better road and then we navigated our way home. Lesson learnt some areas are worse than they say they are and don't take your little baby Alto on roads with potholes bigger than your car or lumps on the road  bigger than said car.
I hadn't  learnt a thing from Saturday so I decided on Sunday to see if I could get to work along my usual route, ha! have you ever ended up at  a road stop with the army and police manning it, or knowing that they think you a complete idiot for coming down the street in the first place, or you had to do a U turn and then go down a one way street the wrong way to get out of the pickle your in.............No? well come to Christchurch and this experience could be yours.
I haven't had handles on my rolling pin since before Tom was born
Sometimes the only thing a girl can do is stop at the Cats Unloved CS and buy 3 balls of lovely pink yarn and a rolling pin, yikes a rolling pin, I'll show you why in the photos.
I love pink, reaction from having 2 boys I think.
Oh I forgot, Crusaders won this morning yes I got up for it, in London against the Sharks, now that's something to cheer about, I haven't mentioned losing the Rugby World Cup games because it was silly to think we could have the games here, nothing will be ready by September and we need to sort ourselves out, housing, roads, power, sewage and rebuilding before we can have thousands of visitors here, what are we going to show them in-between games, the river of pooh, the holes in the ground, the rocks falling down the hills, and the general destruction...........I don't think so.
 After going to the CS went to my Aunty's for a cuppa and met up with two of my cousins and their families, which was great, so all though I say I did nothing, I did have a wonderful weekend and I have been stopped at a checkpoint which is the first time in over 30 years, since that time in Belfast NI...That's a bit of a teaser isn't it, I have lived quite an interesting life in some ways, yeah right I hear you say but I have...........really I have . Love Aunt B.


  1. bimey sounds right scary to me, And one lesson i have learnt in life is you should always trust and listen to your instinct. glad you got home safe. pretty pink wool, enjoy your week, dee x

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, apart from the trip down the unpassable roads. Hope you enjoy your charity shop finds. x

  3. Oh your posts make me smile! Go the Crusaders! They had a great win in London. Not so confident about my Highlanders tonight though. Good luck with those one way streets.