Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why am I going grey ?

That was the weekend that was,  truly earthquake or not, it's the domestic dramas that cause the stress. Aj dunderhead supreme, only checked his student loan, becos I nagged him (I'm quite good at nagging) and discovered it had been declined.............and we were quite rightly furious with him, becos he is one teenager who is not wedded to the computer or phone, and the email had been there for 6 weeks.........yikes no wonder I'm going grey. Seriously I am going grey at a rapid rate of knots, it is strange, or not that strange that my friends have noticed as well, not me going grey they themselves going grey.....another thing to blame on you know what. Basil made him deal with it this morning and he said( Aj) it's sorted.........I know there is no Uni but there will in a few weeks and if it isn't sorted they'll lock the doors on him, yeah right!  they want the money too much to do that.
On a brighter note I found a library open in the next suburb, so I went Saturday morning what a lovely library in the Mall at Bishopdale it is,  they call it a Mall but having lived in Britain I know it's real a Precint, and it 's shops are open and it's small and everyone was friendly so I might do more shopping there, as our favourite butcher has a shop there and I didn't know that, so that puts paid to any rumour that I know everything.
Lovely books, how I love books and libraries
carrot cake and lemon icing
ok decoration 1.........taste 10
So what happened then, well was in the mood for baking and went wild in the kitchen, made a carrot cake, and some small fairy cakes, I'm with Duff Goldman, I hate cupcakes they are so over rated, there is nothing wrong with calling by the name your mother or granny baked them as. There I stood up for good old baking names and if we don't our baking heritage( which is British, and there's nothing wrong with that) will be lost. Political lecture ended.
Right well yesterday evening the Contessa rang to say Mum was in hospital, she is 94 and an amazing lady, she had been feeling poorly all week, and didn't go to church on Sunday, this is a red flag becos she always  goes, she got progressively sicker yesterday and Dad got the Contessa and the Yorkshire Terrier over and they called an ambulance. It didn't look very good last night, had some kind of infection, but she feeling better and we will have to wait and see, poor Dad is very tired and upset but he did a great job, he is so worried, he said after 62 years married he doesn't know what he  would do without her.The Contessa has been running around doing all the coordinating for us down here in Christchurch, my two brothers and me, she has been brilliant, we found it wonderful during the earthquake for her to do all the ringing around keeping everyone informed, it was easier for her to do from the North Island than us we have made her unofficial family coordinator for all family and national dramas, disasters and other important things, too bad we haven't told her yet.
Work has started in a new place for four of the staff including me, we went to one of the residential providers offices and we have set up a small room for some off their clients who access our service, it was just a day of setting up and buying in all the supplies we will need, cleaning products and tea, coffee biscuits etc. We start in earnest tomorrow with some clients arriving for a very short day, we are opening for  4 hours 10 - 2, so it gives the houses a respite, and for us, some work will get to our businesses we deal doesn't take long for people to get back to normal, not the normal that was, but a new normal and if we are going to stay and  rebuild and the vast majority want this, then this is how we have do it a little at a time, a Make do and Mend type philosophy. With a bit of Keep Calm and Carry On thrown in for good measure. The main building in town is semi repaired, I was a bit optimistic when I said they were going to fix the floor, it's safe but the whole concrete pad needs to be re-laid sometime in the future...................Love Barbara, on good days I am still Aunt Bee.. Split personality, that explains a lot doesn't, could Eileen who leaves me lovely comments give her blog address please, I can't find it ............probably me, remember how technophobic I am.


  1. So Glad you found books that you like.....and your cup cakes looks pretty...

  2. you have a very sweet blog I have had fun reading it....

  3. Hi Barbara, no its not you thats technophobic its me. I'm sorry to say I dont have a blog as yet. I am trying to pluck up courage but worry that I dont have enough of interest to say. Also until recently I didnt have a camera but I have been given one by a friend and once I master that who knows. Maybe if I could take a few pics of my craft projects and cooking I would get the confidence to blog.
    I am with you and Duff on the cupcake thing, I make fairy cakes and butterfly cakes too. Hey I am so old I still make caraway seed cake. Oh dear why did I mention seed cake, I really fancy some now and as its almost 2am here its not the time to start baking !