Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dogs drool and Cats rule. and other things, I'm rambling again.

nice old purse, quite roomy considering it's got all my cards and a small amount of money in it.
I love it and have promised not to paint it...........yet
bag for work
bought it because it was cheap, not sure what to do with it
And this is a good part of the road
there is always a Portaloo if your caught short on the way home
Church further back the road, it's just holding on since September
On the way home from work, these shops have almost gone today
I have in my own defence been busy, sort of, so I haven't blogged for over a week. The photos above are my buys and some I took going home from work, a little Tiki tour down Stanmore Rd and beyond. The shops above and the ones you can't see around the corner (funny that not been able to see around corners) were almost gone this afternoon when I went passed.These are the shops we use for things required for work, and my special PO shop with the  best mags in town. He is still there and operating, people died in this group of shops, how terrible is that to be working in the fish shop and being a customer and then a earthquake happens.  We had two decent ones on Tuesday and one of the staff said ( this was at lunchtime and it went on for a few seconds) "Jim ( the boss) Jim should we get up under the tables. Jim we should get everyone under the tables now", and we all said " Hell no, it's not a bad one, and we wont be asking  Jim whether we should go under the bloody tables we'll all be there", we were all laughing at this because she lives in the country and doesn't feel  the numerous aftershocks out there.
this will remain a mystery till I finish it, it's for the car ????? can't say more
As you can see picked up some things, the bag is a decent size and holds everything that I need in my daily life, I won a prize at a quiz night for having the most things in my bag, which I was proud of because you have to be prepared, don't you. The cute purse has two compartments and I love it, have put my stuff in it as I sat in the car after buying it, the magazine rack came from the same store which I'll post about at a later date when I get some good photos. I think I'll paint it, but not yet, when "the men" have forgotten about it, they like it how it looks now, but I think a little white paint would look good. The wool came from the cats shop and cost $2.00 for 5 balls so I had to give a cat a better life by buying it, what a wonderful person I am..............Actually I do love cat's and I see Britain has become a nation of dog lovers over the dear old mogs, what's wrong with them,( the British, I mean not the cats), I would love a dog but only if Dave was happy with the arrangement.  The boys favourite movie when they were young used to say "dogs drool and cats rule", it had Sally Field as the cat and Michael J Fox as the young dog, can't remember the old dog .............(.thinking time there) it was called The Incredible Journey, what a brilliant movie, we all loved it. Dave isn't as agile as he was, poor old man, hope this winter isn't too tough for him or us, it has been cold and wet the last few days, I'm wearing 2 layers so that should tell you something. Have to go and do something vaguely useful..........yes I mean housework.......Love Aunt Bee.


  1. Hi Aunt Bee,

    lovely finds really like your purse and the magazine rack. So sad to see your pictures and then hear the story afterwards it must be horrible and to also live with the fear of more earth quakes. And i have to say there is nothing wrong with us British each to there own and all that ;-)) Im a cat lover and so is my mother, and my best friend i know plenty more people to ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  2. You really have been going through a dreadful time down there haven't you. I am glad you and your family are well, but often think of you and others and how difficult it must be for you all. It is good to see that you have managed to find a few treasures for yourself. Keep safe and enjoy your wool! ;-)

  3. Love your buys especially the purse and looking forward to seeing your mystery creation in all its finished glory!

    I don't know about cats and dogs but our house is like rodent city (hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits - I know a rabbit isn't a rodent - but he's small and furry with v sharp teeth, so similar in my mind!).

    Keep safe.

  4. Love your little black purse, so cute! I'm a dog and a cat lover, couldn't decide so got both!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Love all your goodies do you go to markets near your home????

  6. Some great finds there, my Mum had a purse just like that one, I'm sure it's lurking around here somewhere! I love the cat's name! I thought you were talking about a person to start with. LOL. We too have a very old cat(17 1/2) who looks like he might not see the winter out. We've tried softening the blow to our girls, but upset them even more! Just need to enjoy the time we have left.

  7. Hello Aunty Bee, Thankyou for calling on me and saying nice things about my blog, I, like you am really scared of messing things up but I stuck at it and I love what I did and feel really satisfied that I did it myself. I love all your finds, my friend Kathleen and I love the charity shops and love to browse around them as we both quilt, we like to look at the sheets and duvets because if they are pretty the make lovely backing fabric for quilts, Katleen is always buying wool and knitting needles too she loves to knit things for her great grandchildren.
    It must be quite scary to be getting aftershocks all the time, what an awful time you all had, I do thank God that we do not have extreme's of weather and such, we do get the odd small tremor but nothing like you lived through. It's been nice talking to you
    Love Jill

  8. It is so fascinating to read your earthquake stories. Amazing how one day can change your life forever. I live in So. Calif. which is big earthquake country. I am a thrifter too and love to pick up things used. So much cheaper than new. This is yard sale season here so lots of goodies in everyone's front yard sales.