Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thank you Lucy from Attic 24, who makes all crochet patterns easy.

Here's the completed blanket,it  has already been road tested by Tom
A quick post, we are in our borrowed  building, its small, but we have only 9 to 11 people a day, its so light with 2 walls being  windows. It's a building in a business park near the airport, it's very corporate and when we went for a walk to the cafe, for Shariz's lunch I felt distinctly under dressed we will have to tidy up if we are going to be there any longer. That alone is reason enough to go back to our building in the town. We know our colleagues are working hard to open on Friday, we are looking forward to see them, its awful being in two groups at this time, we had a wee shake this afternoon and people got a bit teary but we are so far from the epicentre I wasn't concerned.............believe it or not.
See it was quick and I'm off to do the never ending housework. love Aunt Bee.


  1. love the blanket
    and i crochet also.......

  2. Hi Aunt Bee, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my quilt, I will visit you again, I love the crochet blanket all the colours make it so happy.

  3. Hello, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your blanket is lovely. I wish I could crochet, I can knit but never tried crochet although I did buy a book to try and teach myself, but I cant imagine ever being able to make a blanket as gorgeous as you have X

  4. Love your blanket and I wish I could help you do a little cleaning also.....now are you visiting this new place?