Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well you know me by now, a bit of everything

the crack runs through the base of the big carpark light and down the concrete, next photo
AJ's (son) works carpark , oh! and my feet
two books from the market bought in drizzlely rain, only me and  four others there
Two egg cups, I love boiled eggs
crochet blankie in crocheted bag
Dave watching the birds, atop of some unfinished  quilts
table runner
heavy weight cotton sheet, crochet edge
only pinned at the moment, I made it out of scraps, no pattern, now there's a surprise
2 sheets, lovely pattern, good quality 
It has been an emotional week with the memorial service in Hagley Park on Friday and the Fab Four( that's what our colleagues called us) packing up
Thursday to re-start at AJ's Tuam St on Monday.    Prince William came to Christchurch, along with the usual suspects and he was very charming and at ease and he delighted everyone he spoke too. The service was well done, although many people felt it was to soon, I did have a tear in my eye when Hayley Westerna sang, what a beautiful voice she has. The Moon Man predicted a huge earthquake here today and I didn't get much sleep last night, oddly enough I'm so tired I don't even care if there is one today.
old sheet, backing for quilt or a quilt itself ?
Enough of the boring stuff I'm going to bore you with my thrifting and other such stuff. I need to confess something, I gave up chocolate for Lent, but by Thursday I had eaten chocolate it was as easy as Tom saying "do you want some chocolate Mum?" and me reaching my hand out to take it. Sorry I'm weak, so I have given up wine, this will be easier to do as I rarely drink, I know that not quite the idea, but it's not about being sanctimonious or that's what the nuns taught me. I notice some people are throwing out a bag of "stuff", 40 bags for Lent, now unless you have a real wish to de-clutter, then go for it, but  I do a clean out  a) when I don't have any space for things, b) when the school, scouts or other local are having a garage sale or I give things back to the local Op shop in a true spirit of recycling. One thing I have learn't from the "you know what" is home is where the heart is and I am staying close to home, there has been an up surge in baking, sewing, and general crafting as people stay close  to family and friends. I know I'm rambling, but my blog is a captive audience , I know you can zap me away with the touch of a finger, so feel free, you won't hurt my feelings.


  1. What a wonderful kittie Mr. Dave is!! I happen to have 3 kitties with me at the moment. I love home is where the heart is!!! Baking , sewing,all those things , good for the soul!! Thank goodness you changed from chocolate to wine because chocolate is very very good for the soul and you NEED it!!!! Sending lots of happy thoughts to you and praying for no more "you know what"

  2. Now why would we want to zap you away?! We love to read your ramblings! Hope you are well - looks like you are picking up some great bargains and sorting out a few projects. Take care. Still thinking of you all and hoping life will get easier very soon. xx

  3. what a busy week you havehad
    my Kylie went up to the North she was worried about what the moon man said also

  4. Just had a browse round your blog again . As I passed the baking I thought mmmmm I,ll go and make some coconut cake . lovely and sunny where I am . it,s making me feel real sleepy--cottonreel

  5. I love Dave the cat, he's so adorable! Great fabrics my favourite is the white with lace edge :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!