Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Tom.

Have recipe from Sue from The Quince Tree and permission to take some quinces at the end of the month
sorry about the reflection, had to get a photo before fiends devoured it.
The first was Tom's 20th birthday, its tradition for the birthday person to pick their favourite dinner. Tom went for Chicken grillers, salad, green beans and turkish bread with oil and garlic. Chocolate cake for dessert. We had a nice evening, with little in the way of presents, but plenty of  money but no where to spend it. The Northlands mall has re-opened and he bought boxing gloves with his money today. Tomorrow we all go into my work to clean out the big room and later that day they (don't know who exactly) are coming in to fix the floor which requires tonnes of concrete............I'll feel better when that's done. Everyone in the mall is having a sale and I bought a new jug or should I say a whistling kettle and a chocolate dipper an essential in this house of truffles. The crochet stripey quilt is looking great, it is strangely soothing to do and I'm already planning another. Love Barbara


  1. Happy birthday To Tom and that cake looks soooo yummy, my mouth is watering, dee x

  2. Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Hope you are all managing to get by in Christchurch. We are all thinking of you over here in the UK. Take care. x

  3. Happy birthday to your boy, his cake looks so good I am going to have to bake now. I have had a phone call from my dear Sis. Although I knew she was OK it was just great to hear her voice. Take care of yourself.

  4. Hello Barbara ,it,s cottonreel , I love your crochet blanket , I just looked at older posts to find it . I like doing crochet and knitting .

    Look on the internet for how to make quince preserves .

    Off to do the shirt quilt . It,s for my son , he will be coming Tues., so I have a deadline . He lives 150 miles away from me .